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Introduction to Aadhaar Card Authentication
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Aadhaar Card Authentication:

The process that involves verification of Aadhaar details is referred to as Aadhaar Authentication. The information on Aadhaar card is validated based on demographic and biometric data by Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR). The process of Aadhaar authentication has been designed for easy and quick verification of Aadhaar.

How Does Aadhaar Authentication Work?

For any official application, when an individual is asked to present a troof of identity, he or she submits documents such as voter ID, passport, driving license, etc. A different governing body issues each document, which makes the verification process difficult; but demographic authentication eliminates the offline verification process in Aadhaar. The online method of demographic and biometric verification is a reliable and secure process, which can be completed in a few steps.

Methods of Aadhaar Authentication:

  1. Demographic Authentication: Every applicant provides personal details - referred to as demographic information, such as name, address, date of birth, gender - while applying for Aadhaar. The CIDR validates the information provided by the applicant through cross-checking with the details stored in the repository.
  2. Biometric Authentication: In this method, the biometric information given by the applicant during Aadhaar verification is checked against the stored biometric data. Biometric verification process is of two kinds:
    1. Multi-factor Authentication: Here, UIDAI provides multiple authentication processes based on the requirement, for the agency to choose from.
    2. OTP-based Aadhaar Authentication: The other option of verifying Aadhaar is an OTP-based method, in which, the information of an individual is authenticated through the OTP sent to the registered mobile number. After this, an individual needs to enter the Aadhaar number along with the OTP.

Benefits of Aadhaar Authentication:

  1. Works as Proof of Address: Both Aadhaar card and e-Aadhaar works as a legal POA document while applying for various services such as opening a new bank account, or obtaining the benefits of government schemes such as LPG gas subsidy.
  2. Helps in Payment Verification: Apps such as BHIM uses Aadhaar authentication for validating the transactions through Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
    Aadhaar is one of the best methods to identify individuals due to its wide range of multifactor authentication process, which is secure and extremely reliable.