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LPG has many uses, from powering vehicles to cooking gas. LPG is made by using a mix of petroleum products like Butane and Propane and its found in the gaseous state. Due to its highly inflammable nature, it is stored in pressurized containers.

LPG Price Update - March 2021

The LPG price has shot up 41% - ₹237.5 per cylinder - just over the past 10 months.

In Delhi, the price increased from ₹581.5 a cylinder in May 2020 to ₹819 on March 1, 2021. In February alone, prices went up by ₹125 per cylinder with the price increasing thrice in the month. This goes against the general practice of just one price hike in a month.

Well, why has the price been rising at this rate? The LPG mix used in India has 60% butane and 40% propane share. Knowing this allows us to understand the situation better. The prices have been rising primarily because there has been a 171% rise in propane prices and a 148% rise in butane prices since May 2020.

What are the uses of LPG Gas Connection?

Key Uses of LPG Gas Connection:

There are many uses of LPG, few uses of LPG are listed below:

  • Cooking
  • Fuel replacement for petroleum and diesel
  • It also has many industrial uses like cutting glass, confectionery industry and steel industry.

Why is LPG considered the most favored cooking fuel?

The reasons why LPG is favored as the best cooking fuel is due to the following reasons:

  • It doesn't release any toxic substances when burned
  • It is easy to transport
  • It doesn't release soot when burnt, which makes it ideal for an enclosed cooking space.
  • It doesn't have a detrimental effect on the environment, which is why it is considered a great alternative to firewood or coal.

Major LPG Cylinder Providers

There are three major LPG Gas cylinder providers in India, namely Indane, HP and Bharat Gas

Indane Gas( run by Indian Oil Corporation)

If you want to take a gas connection for your house, then you might take the connection from Indane. The Indane Gas is known for its large availability and its participation in the government schemes to provide subsidized gas connections to the needy. The customer can be registered online through the portal, through SMS or by visiting the nearest Indane Gas office. Another interesting feature of the Indane Gas is that it can be transferred easily from one locale to another.

Bharat Gas (Run by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited)

Bharat Gas provides gas connections for domestic use in India. An online portal has been provided to the Bharat Gas customers which can be used to register for a new connection or apply for an LPG Gas Refill. To apply for a new connection, the customers will be required to check if they are eligible for any form of government subsidies. The LPG Gas connection is also transferable to any part of the country.

HP Gas

Hindustan Petroleum is one of the leading companies in India who provide Gas Connections. The connections are available to everyone in the country, including people who can claim subsidy and people who cannot. The person eligible for an HP gas subsidy has to provide documents to prove the same. Like other gas connections in India, even HP Gas is transferable to any part of the country which can be completed only after the applicant completes the formalities linked with the process.

How to book LPG Gas Cylinder Online

For people who want an LPG Gas cylinder for home-use, the process of acquiring an LPG gas cylinder has become streamlined and simplified. All the LPG Gas cylinders are sourced from the three government-owned gas companies- Bharat Gas, Indane Gas, HP Gas.

The fluctuations in the prices of LPG are high, due to the uncertainty in the oil market. But the suppliers in India subsidize the prices of LPG and sell it in the country, by selling around 12 subsidized cylinders per year.

How to book an LPG Gas cylinder

  • Submit an application to one of the three LPG suppliers
  • Depending on your convenience, you can either fill out the application online or offline.
  • If you wish to register for an offline LPG connection, you can visit one of the distributors in your locality and collect the application form
  • Fill up the application and submit the form to the distributor in your locality along with the identity an address proof
  • The documentation is necessary to ensure that there's only one LPG in a particular household which will ultimately regulate the number of cylinders in the market
  • After the application is processed and accepted, the customer receives a notification regarding the same
  • If you wish to apply for a refill, then you can do so through IVRS, SMS or the online portal.
  • How to register for a new Gas Connection
  • With the online LPG registration process and other booking facilities, consumers can book gas cylinder or register for LPG service at the convenience of their home.
  • To register for the connection, you'll be required to visit the website of the LPG provider of your choice and follow the guidelines to register for a new connection
  • Consumers are required to register through the online portal and fill in the online form
  • The initial payment can be made through online mode and the customer is notified through email/SMS after the application is accepted

What are the documents required for getting new LPG Connection?

The consumers are required to submit a set of documents while submitting their application form. Here's the list of documents that are required to be submitted while applying for a new LPG connection.

Documents linked with Identity Proof :

  • Passport
  • PAN
  • Aadhar
  • Driver's License
  • Government Issued Photo ID

Proof of Address :

  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • House Registration Document
  • Utility Bills
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Credit/Debit Card Statement
  • Passport-size photographs

How can the consumers submit their documents?

Here are the best ways in which the consumers can submit their documents

  • Uploading the documents on LPG supplier company's web portal
  • Submitting the documents to the local distributor in person.

List of Gas Connection Forms

The introduction of LPG has redefined the usage of fuel in Indian households. Now, a majority of rural and urban households use LPG as an alternative to firewood and coal. These fuel options which were used before gave out a lot of wastage at the same time LPG is convenient, healthy and the fuel is more environmentally friendly than its counterparts.

What is the cost of an LPG Connection?

Consumers who register for a new LPG will be required to pay for the LPG cylinder along with the regulator and the processing fees. The consumers are required to pay an amount of 1450 rupees for a 14.2 kg cylinder except for the Northeastern states. They will also be required to pay 1500 rupees for the regulator and around 150-190 rupees for the pressure valve depending on the cylinder. For consumers wishing to buy a 5 kg cylinder, the total amount payable in the form of deposit is 350 rupees.

Who is eligible for a New Gas Connection

Any household, belonging to a rural or urban area is eligible for LPG connection. Each household can have only a single connection from Bharat/Indane/HP Gas for their personal use. This step is taken to control the number of gas cylinder in the market.

How can I refill an LPG Gas Cylinder

  • Consumers are allowed to have a maximum of one cylinder at home and a spare cylinder at any point in time.
  • Once the cylinder is exhausted, the consumer is required to book a new cylinder
  • Gas cylinder can be booked online by visiting the official website of the Gas company. The consumer is required to sign in to the company website by providing their registered user ID and password and they will be required to follow the instructions given.
  • To book a Gas Cylinder online, the consumers can also visit their nearest Gas Agency and book and receive their cylinders from their local distributor in person.
  • Consumers can also book their Gas cylinder through the newly launched mobile apps. The mobile apps also provide an option of tracking the cylinder.

How to link Aadhaar with Gas Connection

It is relevant for the consumers to link their Aadhaar Number with their Gas Connection since it regulates the market. Hence the government has been urging the consumers to link their Aadhar with their gas connections.

  • Consumers first need to link their Aadhar Card with their Bank Account.
  • Then, they're required to link their Aadhar Card to their LPG Connection.
  • After linking both of them, if an individual is eligible for a subsidy, the subsidy amount will be received in their bank account.

The process was initiated to make it easier for the people who are eligible for subsidies, to gain their subsidy. It also regulates the market and prevents the selling of subsidized cylinders in black.

How to apply for a GAS Connection through Aadhar Card

If you don't wish to take a proper gas connection, and prefer taking it from privately owned companies instead, you will be charged a hefty amount, so, it's always better to link your Aadhar Number with your Gas Cylinder so that all your cylinder orders and purchases are streamlined. If you're someone who is eligible for any form of government subsidies, then it is mandatory for you to link your Aadhar Card with your gas cylinder.

Why you should be careful with LPG?

While LPG is one of the most useful commercial fuel, its highly inflammable nature is also not unknown. The problem is, if LPG is not burnt in a contained environment it can become highly explosive. Most of the accidents that happen linked to LPG are because enough safety measures are not taken while handling the fuel.

One of the safety measures that is often ignored by households using LPG on a daily basis is that the room in which the cylinder is kept, must be well-ventilated and cooking must not be left unattended. To avoid the risk of gas-leaking, the stove, pipes and regulators also must be maintained on a regular basis.