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Indane Gas 5KG FTL
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The Free Trade LPG has been launched by Indian Oil Company for cylinders of 5kg by the Government of India from the Kirana stores, retail stores, malls and convenient stores.

A large part of the working population of India lives in rented apartments and they seek for accommodation all over the country and they contribute to the development of the nation by contributing in taxes. This has a drawback, and one of the major drawbacks being that the demographics of the country keep changing. The massive demographics of the country is a major problem for assigning a particular residential address to a person. Hence the proof of address documents that are submitted has to be often updated by the LPG distributors for finishing the clerical tasks more efficiently.

Indian Oil Corporation has come up with a great solution to this problem where the Oil Corporation not only gives the demographic access to the agencies but it also raises the overall distribution of LPG.

Indane Gas, for example, are available through a wide base of distributors which consist of many corner stores, retail stores and malls that have been authorized by the company to register households for LPG with only the proof of Identity along with a nominal fee. Currently, the company is distributing these cylinders through 63 sales points and they are spread across 32 cities.

After the LPG Gas in these 5kg cylinders have been used, the users may exchange the cylinders for non-LPG prevailing rates in the market.

This new product by LPG offers much flexibility and the access to LPG is not only beneficial for the working population but also for people who cannot visit their distributor each time they wish to refill their cylinders.

The 5kg FTL can be purchased at the authorized shops and the delivery of these cylinders are not limited by working hours, they can be delivered to people any time of the day.

What are the documents required for 5KG FTL LPG Cylinder

As mentioned earlier, proof of address is not required to apply for a 5kg FTL LPG Cylinder from Indane and the documentation required is very minimal

The following documents are required as a proof of identity

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN
  • Driver's License
  • Voter's ID
  • Identification Document  issued by the central or the state government