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LPG Emergency Helpline
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LPG is commonly used in nearly every industry for obvious reasons like affordability, Eco-friendliness,  utility, etc. It is rightfully known to be one of the most reliable and easily manageable fuels. However, owing to certain properties of LPG, like inflammability and highly pressurized storage, LPG is also considered to be one of the hazardous fuels to use. These accidents often happen due to negligence and carelessness and not due to the volatile nature of LPG. The use of LPG must be in line with protective measures specified by the LPG provider.Careless/Negligent use of LPG can result in blasts, fire hazards, property damage and most vitally deathly injuries or death.damage of property. One should not overlook problems like pipes or cylinder leakages if the cylinder storage is improper or faulty regulators etc

How can the LPG Emergency Helpline Initiative Help?

  • You can call at 1906 to avail the emergency services and this number provides multilingual services
  • The agencies include efficient web-based complaint tracking system along with telephonic calls
  • the call center of these agencies can contact the mechanics or distributors of the oil companies in different parts of the country
  • The process flow includes follow-ups, escalations and complaint closure to confirm that the customer was satisfied with their services.
  • To provide solutions to every type of LPG leakage problem, you can dial 1906 since it is the common helpline number. File your leakage complaints, find immediate solutions to the provision of qualified and trained mechanics and monitor the issues.

How does the Emergency Helpline work?

You can follow these instructions to get an idea of the workflow

  • The representative can provide the basic troubleshooting tips
  • You'll receive a ticket number and turn around the time
  • The caller will receive an SMS contact number of the mechanic
  • The representative will contact the mechanic through SMS or phone call
  • If the query is under progress, follow-ups are made by the company at several stages to ensure if the caller is satisfied with the quality of the problem-solving.
  • After the issue has been resolved, the company can call for the closure of the issue.