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HP Gas Customer Care
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The most popular name for LPG in the country is Hindustan Petroleum. Since the main focus of HP is consumer satisfaction, it changes the common view of people towards petroleum companies. To increase its accessibility, HP Gas Connection has a very dedicated customer care network which looks after all the emergencies faced by people.

HP Gas Customer Care Toll Free Number

Headquartered at Mumbai, Hindustan Petroleum or HP has the Corporate and Marketing Headquarters both functioning from outside of the city. Customers can approach the HP Headquarters directly through their customer care number. The customer care numbers are listed below

Corporate HQ Customer Care Number


Marketing Headquarters Customer Care Number


The customer care numbers provided by HP are toll-free, which ensures that customers aren't burdened with additional call charges

Emergency HelpLine Number HP Gas

HP Emergency helpline caters to 24/7 situations. Any individual/company who has an emergency linked to his/her LPG connection can contact these officials by dialling 1906.

HP Gas State Wise Contact Numbers


Contact Number

Andhra Pradesh

96660 23456


90850 23456


94707 23456

Delhi (NCR)

99909 23456


98244 23456


98129 23456

Himachal Pradesh

98820 23456

Jammu and Kashmir

90860 23456


89875 23456


99610 23456


99640 23456

Maharashtra and Goa

88888 23456

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh

96690 23456


90909 23456


98556 23456


78910 23456

Tamil Nadu

90922 23456


90922 23456

Uttar Pradesh

98896 23456

Uttar Pradesh (W)

81919 23456

HP Complaint Management System

Since HP is one of the largest distributors of Liquified Petroleum Gas in the country, it is imperative that sometimes its customers do face inconvenience. A Complaint Management System is handled by the HP Officials for such issues. An online portal has also been set by the Complaint Management System to handle such complaints more efficiently. One can register complaints regarding the issues of overcharging, failure to deliver gas, etc.

To register a complaint, one is expected to provide details like connection number, LPG ID, location, distributor's name, details of the distributor etc.

Public Grievance Redressal System

Taking further their promise towards better customer service, HP has also established a Grievance Redressal System which caters to the complaints of the general public. Individuals who have any issues can meet the officers of HP in their regional offices between 4 pm and 5 pm every Friday.