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Indane Gas Transfer Process
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New residence address proof is mandatory and has to be submitted and notified to the responsible authorities when the permanent address of a customer, who is in possession of an Indane Gas LPG, changes to transfer the Indane Gas.

Procedure for Indane Gas Transfer within the Same City

  • Subscription Voucher given by the distributor (of the new residence) to the customer on the acquisition of a new connection must be submitted to the old distributor acknowledging the change in address.
  • A Transfer Termination Voucher (TTV) is provided with the new address if the current Indane distributor (old residence) of the customer does not serve at the new address.
  • The TTV serves as official documentation recognizing the shift in his or her address of residence and fulfills the legal commitment of informing the LPG supplier.
  • Post this, The TTV and DGCC booklet along with the new address proof has to be provided to the new Indane LPG supplier near the new area of residence.
  • The new distributor then processes the TTV into a new Transfer Subscription Voucher (TSV) and generate a unique customer number which could be utilized for all future LPG related activities. Revised DGCC booklet will include the updated address and the consumer number.
  • Importantly, the procedure is more comfortable if the distributor doesn't change. All the consumer needs to do is update his KYC to the current address to reflect the change. Once this is done, the same cylinder and pressure regulator, given at the time of registration for the first connection  could be used

Procedure to Transfer Indane Gas Connection to a Different City

  • The customer needs to state the reason for shifting out of the city and surrender all the Indane Gas equipment at the distributor. The distributor then logs these items and prepares a Termination Voucher (TV) and initiates a refund of the initial deposit paid by the customer while taking the connection.
  • The nearest Indane distributor to the customer in the new city is informed by the service agent at the distributorship.
  • The Termination Voucher is submitted to the new Indane distributor by the customer in exchange for a new Subscription Voucher and new consumer number. These are used to continue LPG refilling services in the new city. A new cylinder and pressure regulator will be assigned under the new consumer number and services would resume as earlier.

How to Transfer Indane Gas to the Son of the Connection Holder

You can transfer the connection to any of the family members. If someone is transferring the gas connection to their son the father is the transferer and the son is the transferee, the following documents are required to be submitted to the nearest Indane gas distributor:

  • KYC of transferee
  • Identity and address proof of the transferee
  • SV voucher must be provided to the transferee. If the transferee doesn't have an SV, then an affidavit must be submitted
  • A declaration of the transferee which states the transfer of the gas connection

Indane Gas Transfer Form

The distributor makes the SV voucher in the name of the transferee.

If the gas connection is being transferred from a deceased father to a son. The following documents must be submitted:

  • Declaration of the transferee
  • Copy of the deceased owner
  • KYC of transferee
  • Identity and address proof of the transferee
  • Transfer form of Indane Gas

The customer may submit Annexure A to transfer their gas connection.  You can complete the procedure of the transfer and the details like Subscription Voucher and the name of the owner of the gas connection are required to be filled in the form. The transferee will be required to fill the following two forms shown below:

Indane Gas Transfer Process