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LPG Gas Connection Portability
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How to Register for LPG Portability

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to register for the LPG Connection

  • Login to the OMC website
  • You can log in to your account in the existing OMC website at
  • Indane Gas Portability :
  • Bharat Gas portability :
  • HP Gas Portability :

LPG Distributor Portability

In each of these websites, there is a list of distributors based on the location, rating and delivery. After the list has been scrutinized thoroughly, you will be required to choose the distributor of your preference.

Register online

After picking the right distributor, you can register him/her online for the LPG services. Post registration, you will be receiving an email from the company advising you on the steps

Intra-Company Portability

If you don't wish to change your gas agency, but want to change your distributor, then you need to take a copy of your email and visit the new distributor to finish the enrolment process. The equipment like the gas regulator and cylinder are not needed to be surrendered or changed. Since it’s the same company, the same equipment can be used.

Inter-Company Portability

If you are not satisfied with the agency that you have purchased the cylinder from, you can also change your registration to another oil company. You must visit your current distributor first to surrender the equipment and then the distributor will return the security deposit and show you how to transfer all your documents to your new oil company. After submitting the documents to the new distributor, the procedure is complete. Your new distributor will issue new equipment to you.

Points to Remember about LPG Portability

  • Transfer fees are not charged
  • No additional security deposit is required to be submitted under portability
  • Transfer of connection can be monitored through electronic tracking.