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Bharat Gas Booking
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Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the largest Indian commercial enterprise that specializes in fuel, lubricants and petrochemicals. Indian Oil Corporation introduced Bharat LPG in India in the 1970s and made the fuel more efficiently adopted by the people of the country. Bharat Gas has come a long way now, with the brand's name linked with safety, reliability and convenience

Bharat Gas has 5.8 million customers in the country and the statistics suggest that every second gas connection in India is Bharat Gas. The Bharat Sales network is one of the most efficiently spread-out and it has over 45 Area Offices. The Bharat Gas distributors deliver around 1.2 million Bharat Gas cylinders each day. 27% of the Bharat Gas customers hail from the rural or semi-urban places.

How can I book Bharat Gas?

Some of the ways in which Bharat Gas booking can be made are:

  • Visit the official website of Bharat and book your refill using your login c edentials. You'll be required to register if you are a new user.
  • You can also send an SMS from your registered contact number to book your LPG Gas. Get the format of the text in the official website of Bharat Gas and use the phone number allotted to your state to use this SMS Service.
  • The gas cylinder can be booked through IVRS service as well. The steps to book the gas cylinder through the IVRS service are described below.

The Bharat Gas Online booking is now easier since the Gas provider currently offers a mobile application. You can now download the Bharat Gas Application online and then book your GAS cylinder from the app

How to book Bharat Gas Online

Bharat Gas refill can be booked online easily through the web portal. Follow the steps described below to know how to book the Bharat Gas cylinder online.

  • To book the Bharat Gas cylinder online, you need to be a registered customer of Bharat Gas . If you aren't registered, you can provide details like customer number, your LPG ID, PAN, Ration Card Number, Mobile Number and Contact Address.
  • You can log in to the Bharat Gas Portal after giving your login ID and password details. After you have logged in successfully, you'll be able to book the Bharat Gas cylinder online easily. For completing the process of booking online, you'll be required to provide your details and submit the form.
  • The order is then forwarded to your local distributor and you'll be able to pay the amount to the distributor on its delivery. You can track the status of your booking online through the Bharat GAS Booking portal .

Bharat Gas Booking through SMS

Even if you don't have an internet connection, you can still book for an LPG Gas refill using the SMS facility that is offered by Bharat. You can follow these steps below to book Bharat Gas online through SMS

How can I register for Bharat Gas SMS Service

  • If you are using the SMS facility of Bharat Gas for the first time, then you'll be required to register to the online portal.
  • You'll be required to send your IOC to the IVRS Number for your area.
  • For any subsequent bookings, you can SMS IOC and send it to the concerned area number through your registered mobile number.

Gas Booking through IVRS

Bharat Gas has introduced the IVRS system in three languages to help its customers- your local language, Hindi and English. After opting for the language, the customer can follow these steps to book an Bharat Gas Refill through IVRS

  • Provide your STD Code and telephone number/mobile number of the distributor.
  • The caller will be required to provide the consumer's number once the distributor is identified.
  • To find out the consumer number the customers can refer to the cash memo of the last refill.
  • After your customer number is validated through IVRS, the system will ask for the services that you need. The options/services available are-refill booking, registering complaint and details of the last booking.
  • If you wish to book a refill, then you may select the option and your request will be filed and a booking reference number will be generated. The booking reference number will be sent to your registered mobile number.


For a standard Bharat Gas cylinder, what is the tariff rate?

The standard tariff rates will depend on the current prices of the LPG and whether the applicant is eligible for an LPG Subsidy

To apply for a new LPG connection, what are the documents required?

The following documents are required to be submitted for applying for a new LPG connection:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identity

Is it necessary to buy the hotplate/gas stove from Bharat?

No. It is not necessary to buy the hotplate/gas stove from Bharat. If the gas stove that you have been using isn't safe, then you may buy a new gas stove from Bharat or any other company.

While receiving y Bharat cylinder refill, what should I check?

While receiving the cylinder refill, you must check the following

  • If the safety cap has any cracks
  • Whether the seal is present or not
  • You must remove the safety cap and check for any leakage.