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Benefits of LPG
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LPG Gas Connection is popular amongst Indians since LPG is a clean, burns efficiently, quick and pocket-friendly. Due to the inherent benefits of LPG, the government has also subsidized LPG for individuals earning less than ten lakhs per annum. Based on your location and convenience, you can opt for a government or private distributor.

What are the Benefits of LPG Gas Connection?

Easy to Handle

LPG is very easy to manage and it gives you better control of the fuel while cooking. You can adjust the flame according to your requirements and the intensity of the flame can also be adjusted. Such settings help in avoiding any form of accidents due to the mismanagement of fuel

Cooking is Swifter

LPG burns very efficiently, which is why it is effortless to cook by using LPG. The cooking time reduces substantially due to its high calorific value.

Kitchen Temperature is maintained

Cooking in LP reduces the average temperature in the kitchen substantively. It is not a hot and humid affair like cooking by using firewood or coal. hence, it won't increase the temperature of the kitchen alarmingly

LPG is Eco-Friendly

LPG exerts the least greenhouse gas as compared to all the other fossil fuels. LPG comprises less of Nitrogen, Sulphur and other particulate substances that are dangerous to the environment. Cooking by using LPG can bring down the Greenhouse Gases by seventy percent.

The Kitchen Remains Spotless

It is easy to stock up an LPG Cylinder since it doesn't take up much of the space and it has no residue as compared to the old-fashioned cooking methods like firewood, charcoal etc

Reasonable Price

Due to different schemes of the government, now, buying an LPG is more accessible for people compared to other cooking methods. You can also claim subsidy if you come under a particular income bracket.

Booking a gas is Quite Easy

Booking a gas connection doesn't require you to make rounds of the gas distributor's office, you can book off a new gas connection or order for a refill by just visiting the company's official website

Advantages of LPG for Vehicles

An individual can save up to 40 percent by shifting from conventional cooking fuel to LPG and the carbon emission is also reduced considerably. The reduced carbon emission has also led to the usage of auto Liquefied Petroleum Gas for the vehicles. Auto LPG doesn't produce any impurities or any form of soot while burning. Other benefits of LPG for Vehicles are mentioned below:

  • The concentration of greenhouse gases is significantly reduced by the use of LPG gas
  • LPG cannot be tempered since it is stored in a pressurized container hence its purity is maintained.
  • The performance of the vehicle remains consistent with the use of LPG
  • LPG improves the life of the vehicle engine and it also reduces the noise and vibration.
  • Since there are numerous Auto LPG dispensing stations in the country, it is very easy to procure LPG in our country
  • It has been calculated that you can save up to 40% of the bill as compared to petrol/diesel if you shift to Auto LPG

Advantages of LPG for Commercial Purposes

  • LPG is extremely economical in nature.
  • The increase in environmental hazards is mainly due to the rise in greenhouse gases.LPG significantly reduces the greenhouses gases and the LPG reduces greenhouse gases by 25%, compared to liquid fuels such as LDO, HSD, FO and SKO.
  • Using LPG is quite easy and it can be utilized without much change in the infrastructure and the technological requirements are minimum.
  • Heat distribution and control is also better when it comes to LPG.
  • It is easier to refill the cylinders and start a new booking of gas cylinder for LPG gas cylinder. Safety is taken into consideration and delivery is one of the biggest priorities of the gas companies.