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HP Gas Transfer Process
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There could be multiple reasons why a customer might wish to transfer his/her gas connection. The owner might have died suddenly which requires the HP Gas transfer. HP helps its customers to avail the facility of the connection transfer

What is the Procedure of HP Gas Connection Transfer

If you wish to shift to a different location and you have an LPG connection which is active, you can follow these steps

  • Approach your distributor with your Consumer Number and Subscription Voucher to fill out your Transfer Form
  • Submit the Transfer Form and the consumer number to inform the distributor that you are shifting residence
  • The distributor can give you an electronic Consumer Transfer Advice which is valid for the next three months.
  • After shifting your residence, you can take the e-CTA to new HP Gas distributor. YYou can use the same pressure regulator and gas cylinder in the new location as well if you don't wish to change your gas the new
  • If your present distributor can still provide services in your new location, then you can update the details of your residential address in the KYC documents and use the same cylinder in the updated location.

How can I Transfer HP Gas Connection to a New City?

If you are moving your residence to a new city, then you can transfer your HP Gas Connection by following these steps:

  • Approach your distributor with your Subscription Voucher, DGCC Booklet, LPG cylinder that is empty, pressure regulator and filled up a transfer form
  • Submit all the documents to the distributor
  • You'll receive a Termination Voucher from the distributor along with a new DGCC Booklet and cylinder pressure regulator on the payment of deposit amount.

How to Transfer HP Gas to the Son of the Connection Holder

You can transfer the connection to any of the family members. If someone is transferring the gas connection to their son the father is the transferer and the son is the transferee, the following documents are required to be submitted to the nearest HP gas distributor:

  • KYC of transferee
  • Identity and address proof of the transferee
  • SV voucher must be provided to the transferee. If the transferee doesn't have an SV, then an affidavit must be submitted
  • A declaration of the transferee which states the transfer of the gas connection

HP Gas Transfer Form

The distributor makes the SV voucher in the name of the transferee.

If the gas connection is being transferred from a deceased father to a son. The following documents must be submitted:

  • Declaration of the transferee
  • Copy of the deceased owner
  • KYC of transferee
  • Identity and address proof of the transferee
  • Transfer form of HP Gas

The layout of HP Gas Transfer Form is shown below:

HP Gas Transfer Process