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KYC Form for Gas Connection
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If you wish to get a gas connection for the house, you have two choices. The first choice to approach one of the public agencies like Hindustan Petroleum, Indane, Bharat Gas, etc. The second option is to go to private distributors. The main advantage of the public gas agencies is that, since the government partly owns them their prices are highly subsidized too, so, a gas cylinder purchased from HP would cost a lot less than a gas cylinder purchased from a private company.

The public agencies also have the advantage of well-formed service networks that allow their customers to transfer connections from one place to another within the country. But, before you start booking gas cylinders through these providers, certain formalities must be completed by the applicant. One of these formalities is providing the KYC (Know Your Customer) details.

Gas KYC Form for Indane Gas, HP Gas and Bharat Gas

There is a minimal variation in the KYC form for all gas connections. The purpose of the KYC form is to collect information about the customer to verify it and figure out whether the applicant is eligible for the services.

The following information are required to be provided in the form:

  • Personal details including your name, photographs, age and the names of your closest relatives.

  • Contact details like your residential address, phone numbers and email addresses.

  • It also tallies the documents provided by the applicant and the information provided by him/her on the form.

Documents Required for filling out KYC Form

Proof of Address

Document Provided As Proof of Address (POA)

Category Code

·  Aadhaar Card (UID)


·  Driving License


·  Lease Agreement


·  Voter ID


·  Telephone/Electricity/Water Bill


·  Passport


·  Self-declaration attested by gazetted officer


·  Ration Card


·  Flat allotment/possession letter


·  House registration document


·  LIC Policy


·  Bank/Credit Card statement



Proof of Identity


Document Provided As Proof of Identity (POI)

Category Code

·  Aadhaar Number (UID/EID)


·  Passport


·  PAN Card


·  Voter ID


·  ID Card issued by Central/State


·  Driving License



Points to Remember while Filling up KYC Form For LPG Gas Connection

  • Ensure that you provide your recent passport-size photograph.
  • Sign the photograph once it is attached to the form.
  • Provide your details like your full name and your date of birth in the first section. Also, enter the Gas Consumer Number if you have been already allotted.
  • You'll be required to mention personal details like your Mother's Name, Father's name and Spouse's name
  • Next part collects your contact details like phone number, address, etc
  • Fill in details about the submitted documents in the next section, if you have provided documents in support of your identity.
  • Mention the details of your ration card in this section.
  • Once all the details have been filled in, go over them once to ensure that there are no mistakes in them.
  • Once you have completed your crosscheck, attest the KYC Form with your signature.
  • Submit the form to the agency. The agency officials will be signing the acknowledgment in the bottom part of the form and they will detach the acknowledgment part from the rest of the form


KYC Application Form for Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal Yojana(PMUY)

To participate in different government schemes, the applicant is required to obtain a different KYC Form. One example of such a scheme that requires a separate KYC form is the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. This scheme aims at helping the households that are very poor and cannot gain access to clean cooking gas. KYC form used for this scheme is different even if it collects similar information about the applicant concerned. In the case, the form asks the applicant to for details of the members of the family. This form also collects information about the cylinder that the applicants want to purchase and whether they want a stove or not. The documents and procedures will remain the same.

FAQs on Gas KYC Form

How can I get the KYC form from?

You can get the KYC forms either from the official website of the company or the distributors for a particular gas company.

Is it necessary to mention the details of all the close relatives asked for in the form?

No, it isn't necessary to list all the members, you can either mention your spouse or your father.

How can I get a gas connection without KYC?

You can't get a gas connection without KYC. KYC is a mandatory formality that has to be fulfilled to get a gas connection.

Can the same KYC documents be used for a new connection?

No, same KYC documents cannot be used to apply for a new connection. Your application might get rejected if you apply for a new connection using the same documents.

Can I apply for the KYC again if it fails once?

Yes, the applicant can re-apply for KYC if it fails for the first time.

Is the gas consumer number mandatory?

It is mandatory to provide consumer gas number if the consumer has already been alloted one.