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Indane Gas Delivery Time
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Working of Indane’s Preferred Time Delivery System

Other companies provide cylinders based on first come, first serve basis. This means that there were delays in the delivery. This system of delivery cannot possibly predict the date on which the Indane gas cylinder will reach the residence of the person who ordered.

Under the Indane's Preferred Time delivery System, the person booking a gas connection can pick their choice of date and time which is convenient for both the company and the consumers.

Delivery Time Slabs under Indane’s Preferred Time Delivery



Before 8am

Monday to Friday

Between 8am and 11am

Monday to Sunday

Between 11am and 3pm

Monday to Sunday

Between 3pm and 6pm

Monday to Sunday

Between 6pm and 8pm

Monday to Friday


Changes associated with Indane Preferred Time Delivery


Delivery type


Weekend Delivery


Delivery by time

  • Rs.50 for deliveries made before 8am and after 6pm
  • Rs.25 for other deliveries during the day

Delivery by date and time

  • Weekday delivery before 8am – Rs.50
  • Weekday delivery between 8am and 6pm – Rs.25
  • Weekday delivery between 6pm and 8pm – Rs.50
  • Weekend delivery between 8am and 6pm – Rs.25


Indane Gas Tariff Plans

Security Deposit (14.2 kg cylinder)

Rs.1,150 in North East India Rs.1,450 in all other states

Security Deposit (5 kg cylinder)


Security Deposit (19 kg cylinder)


Security Deposit – LOT Valve


Security Deposit – 19 kg cylinder + LOT Valve


Security Deposit – 47.5 kg cylinder


Security Deposit – 47.5 kg cylinder + LOT Valve


Pressure Regulator Safety Deposit

Rs.100 (North East India) Rs.150 (Rest of India)

Inspection charges

Min – Rs.100 (1 burner) Max – Rs.300 (auto-ignition stove)

Administrative charges


Installation charges


Collecting equipment from consumer (at time of termination)