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How to Get a Private Gas Connection
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You can easily compare the prices and services of the private gas after getting a list of reputed private gas providers in your locality online. To take a connection through private dealers, you'll be required to give a call to the private gas dealer and they'll come to your home to fix the gas connection. To take a gas connection privately, you are not required to do rigorous documentation as in the case of receiving a gas connection through public agencies. You're just required to submit an identity proof and a residence proof while making the deposit payment. There is no restriction son refilling of the gas cylinder. The private dealers hardly have the complaint of the gas cylinders running out.

The major Private Gas Suppliers are:

  • Super Gas
  • Jyothi Gas
  • Totalgaz
  • East Gas

Super Gas

It is one of the leading private gas companies of the country. The SHV Energy Group manages it and it is one of the subsidiaries of this particular family-owned MNC. SHV Group provides clean energy alternatives to over 30 million customers in India and across the world through LPG. Along with LPG, it also provides biofuel and solar energy sources. SuperGas has a great presence across Europe, Asia and South America where the government is working towards reducing fossil fuel dependency amongst the people and people are looking for greener alternatives like Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) as well as more commonly used LPG. The company provides fuel for households as well as industries.

Jyothi Gas

It is the product of the Neo-Liberalisation era of the 1990s. It was set up in Karnataka in the year 1994 and has been considered as one of the major players of the private LPG industry since then. It operates from Karnataka and it has to bottle plants in Bangalore and Shimoga. The company provides household as well as industries with LPG.

One of the striking features of this company is the range of sizes that it has to offer. The cylinder size varies from 5.5 kg to 17 kg and these cylinders are meant for the public as well as private consumption. They also  produce 33 kg cylinders which are only meant for industrial and commercial consumption


It is the LPG division of Total Oil India Private Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the company, TOTAL. TOTAL is considered to be the world’s leading petroleum and energy providers, with customers spread across all continents. The company, Totalgaz is a market leader in the LPG division and that is evident from its presence in over 50 countries. With a superior distribution network and cutting-edge technology, Totalgaz has garnered a huge share of the global LPG market. Totalgaz provides LPG for commercial as well as private use. It also heads innovative practices in the sector and is one of the leading provider of auto LPG in the country.

With convenient and affordable gas booking and connection options for its consumers. Totalgaz has been rated by CRISIL and CARE, hence it maintains high global standards.

Eastern Gas

Eastern gas was set up in Karnataka in 1995 and it is a private LPG and Butane gas supplier which mainly caters to industrial and commercial purposes. The company has become popular due to the robust supply and delivery of LPG cylinders, along with ammonia and butane for industrial purposes. It supplies LPG in bulk for industries and other commercial purposes. It also produces LPG for automotive uses.

Due to their wide distribution network and strategically located bottling plants, ensures that the supply remains unhindered.

What are the benefits of Private Gas Connection?

  • The process of getting a private gas connection requires zero documentation and it is a simple and convenient process.
  • You'll be only required to give identity proof and residence proof.
  • The private distributors deliver the connection in less than a day
  • The security deposit is reimbursed completely
  • To refill the gas cylinder, you'll be required to book days in advance and the cylinder is delivered in less than two days
  • There is no compromise in quality
  • The complaints and grievances of the customers are taken care of very swiftly for private enterprises.