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HP Gas New Connection Price
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HP is one of the very few entities in the country who have been granted the license to distribute LPG in India. HP has about 33 million customers in India, as of 2011.

HP Gas Charges Applicable for New Connections



Refundable Deposit for Two Gas Cylinders

Rs. 2,900/- (Rs. 1450/ - Each)

Two refills

Price depends on the area you reside in.

Price of a regulator which is a refundable deposit

Rs.150 per regulator


HP Gas Services and Charges



Inspection of equipment and hotplates Demonstration of LPG equipment


Administrative charges for documentation for a LPG customer


New connection installation and demonstration charges with DBC or SBC


Collecting equipment from customer’s property Preparation of termination voucher(as requested by the customer)


Charges for mechanic visits for any purpose excluding leakage Hotplates installation at the time of new connection and cleaning in case the hotplate is not brought from an authorised LPG distributor Compulsory inspection of domestic LPG installation that requires to be done after cleaning hotplates Servicing the hotplate

1 Burner: Rs.100 2 Burner: Rs.150 3 Burner: Rs.200 4 Burner: Rs.250 Cooking Range, Cooking Hobs and Auto-ignition Hotplates: Rs.300/-

Administrative charges involved to issue a domestic gas and to provide a customer card(including DGCC charge)


Charges to release new LPG connection to BPL families including inspection of hotplates, installation of equipment and demonstration of LPG equipment under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY)


Administrative charges for issuance of Domestic Gas Customer Card (DGCC) including the DGCC charge for new connections under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY)



GST and Its Effect on Gas

Goods and Services Tax (GST) has radically changed the prices of all the goods and services we avail in our daily lives within the country.

Instead of charging multiple taxes like excise duty, additional customs duty, surcharges, service tax, and other such charges, the government will now levy a single tax on the citizens, GST.

The new GST regime affects almost all industries. One of the significant changes brought about in the pricing in the country is on the prices of gas. The new GST taxation structure resulted in an increase in the domestic gas prices and reduction in the commercial gas prices.

GST Tax Structure

GST Bill is considered as a milestone with respect to taxation in the country. The main motive of the bill was to avoid the rampant 'double-taxation.' The GST Bill was approved on 29th March 2017 and the deadline for complete implementation was 1st July. With the implementation of the GST Bill, some goods will become cheaper while others will become dearer depending on the tax slab the goods or services fall in. The GST Bill introduced five tax slabs, namely, 0%,5%,12%,18%,25%. Both Centre and State have the jurisdiction to prescribe the tax rate for commodities and services since the implementation of GST widely depends on the receptiveness from the public.

What are the effects of GST on Domestic HP Gas Pricing in India?

The impacts of GST on Domestic HP Gas cylinders are listed below:

  • An increase of Rs.32 per cylinder on domestic LPG prices happened post the implementation of GST Rule.

  • This is considered to be the steepest hike in domestic gas prices in India. The last time that such an increase was recorded was on 25 June 2011, when the price of domestic subsidized LPG rose by Rs.50 due to the rise in international oil prices.

  • Each year only twelve subsidized cylinders are given to each household. After exhausting the 12 subsidized cylinders, customers will have to pay the market price of the cylinder and pay tax 18% GST on the cylinder price.

  • Services provided by the company like inspection of the gas cylinder, installation, and other such mandatory charges will also attract 18% GST rate.

  • States that were not charging any form of taxes on domestic gas cylinders will also come under the GST rule. Such states will now witness an increase in domestic LPG cylinders prices by Rs.12 to Rs.15 per cylinder.

How to Get HP Gas New Connection?

You can get a New HP gas Connection from any part of India. To get a new connection, you have to register your request online and acquire a registration number. You can use the registration number to track the status of your gas connection online.

If you don't wish to register online, you can go to the nearest HP gas distributor along with your identity and address proof and fill out the Know Your Customer form. The distributor will then register your name and you will be given a reference number acknowledging the registration.

What are the documents required for getting new LPG Connection?

The consumers are required to submit a set of documents while submitting their application form. Here's the list of documents that are required to be submitted while applying for a new LPG connection

Documents linked with Identity Proof

  • Passport

  • PAN

  • Aadhar

  • Driver's License

  • Government Issued Photo ID

Proof of Address

  • Passport

  • Driver's License

  • Aadhar Card

  • Ration Card

  • House Registration Document

  • Utility Bills

  • Bank Account Passbook

  • Credit/Debit Card Statement

  • Passport-size photographs

HP Gas Customer Care Number

You can book HP Gas by calling 1800-2333-555 at any time of the day. The helpline id open 24 x 7.

FAQs on HP Gas Connection Price

What are the documents that you receive after getting a new HP gas connection?

The essential documents you’ll receive after getting a new HP gas connection are:

  • Subscription voucher (SV)

  • Domestic Consumer Gas Card booklet

  • LPG Safety Book

What are the ways in which I can get a new HP Gas LPG connection?

  • Visit the authorized LPG distributor

  • Visit the HP Gas official website and apply for a new connection online

What are the parts of the gas cylinder I need to cross-check in a new LPG gas connection?

The parts of your new gas connection are that must be checked before usage are:

  • An LPG cylinder with a self-closing valve

  • A pressure regulator

  • A gas stove

  • Rubber tube

How can I apply for HP Gas online?

Visit HP gas official website and enter all your details. You will be asked to submit an Identity proof and proof of address, please scan and upload these documents. After the registration process, you will be allowed to make a payment online and get a new LPG connection.

Does HP Gas have a customer care department?

Yes. You can reach the HP gas customer service department at 1800-2333-555.