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How to Apply for a SAHAJ (e-SV) for a Gas Connection
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The Digital India Initiative, the Government of India, is planning to make India digitally more capable and make online payments more popular, Indane has also introduced e-SAHAJ(e-SV), an online portal to make payments for your gas connection.

The SAHAJ(e-SV) tool allows the customer to register for Indane gas, pay the fees online, and get the Indane gas cylinder delivered to their doorstep without requiring to visit an Indane gas distributor. Many working-class people have taken advantage of this new tool and saved themselves a lot of time.

You can apply for SAHAJ online by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Indane
  • Choose online Services from the customer console on the left side
  • Choose new connection from Online services
  • Click on register for an online services
  • Select the name of the state you reside in, district and the distribution
  • Enter your basic personal details like name, date of birth, mobile number and email ID
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email ID
  • The registration link will be sent to your email ID
  • Click on the link to complete the application process
  • Upload the scanned copy of POI and POA and Aadhar for PAHAL (DBTL)
  • After completion of the online application, you will be receiving a unique registration number for the new gas connection request
  • The application will be on the wait-list until all the details provided by you are verified.
  • You'll get a text message on your registered phone number or you will receive email notification once your application gets approved.
  • SAHAJ (e-SV) facilitates the application for a new gas connection and the requested equipment is delivered to your registered address without the need for you to visit the LPG distributor

Importance of SAHAJ Online Application

A significant amount of complaints are received against the LPG distributors across the states. With the introduction of SAHAJ, the OMC has participated in the Digital India Initiative to bring more transparency and effective management system.

Advantages of SAHAJ

  • Payment can be made online
  • There is no need for the consumers to visit the LPG distributor physically
  • The process of applying for a new gas connection through SAHAJ is time-saving
  • You can also book cylinder equipment online through SAHAJ
  • The products and the gas connection is delivered at your doorstep
  • distributors cannot force-sell equipment t the consumers
  • You can track your application and get the application status through email and SMS
  • You can make an online payment
  • The consumer's details are verified through OMC which helps in eliminating multiple connections for a single household.

How Does It Work?

You can register for an LPG connection by filling up the online KYC forms. The KYC form is required to be submitted along with the proof of address and proof of identity. After the authorities verify the details, you will be receiving a notification over the email or text message. After your details are verified, you'll be required to make the payment. You can choose to pay the fees through either online or offline mode depending on your convenience. After the payment is made the equipment along with the e-SV is sent to your residential address.