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Surrender Gas Connection
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A directive has been passed by the government to ensure that every person in this country has access to the necessities of the modern society which is an LPG gas connection

To make sure that everyone in the country has access to this basic necessity, the government has been taking many strong measures to stop people from taking multiple gas connections. There are cases where a single household has more than one LPG gas connection, which makes it difficult for the weaker sections of the society to have access to it. This problem was solved by requesting people who have multiple gas connections to surrender the additional gas connection immediately. If anyone you know still have multiple active gas connections, then you must suggest them to surrender the additional connections so that everyone has equal access to LPG. Oil companies also have a shared KYC database so that they can track people with multiple gas connections.

How to Surrender Your LPG Gas Connection Online

It is more convenient for the consumers to surrender their LPG gas online, you can follow these simple steps to surrender the gas cylinder online.

  • Login to your LPG connection supplier's website
  • Provide the relevant details
  • Request the supplier to collect the gas from your residential address.

Reasons for having multiple could be different people who have the same registered address, husbands and wives may have register two cylinders in the residence, etc.

Around 10.2 lakh cylinders have been surrendered until now and voluntary surrendering of LPG cylinder has been a partially successful fiat of the government

How to surrender HP Gas Connection

The procedure to surrender your HP Gas Connection is described below

In Case of Change of Residence within the Same City

  • If you wish to change the residential address from one city to another, you will be required to approach the HP Gas distributor of the city that you wish to shift to and request an e-Customer Transfer  Advice from the distributor of your current locality
  • The authorization code is assigned to your request after you produce the original subscription voucher
  • It must be noted that there is an expiry on the e-CTA and it is valid only up to 3 months from the date of issue
  • After receiving the e-CTA, the SV and the e-CTA must be submitted to the new distributor to avail the services from the area in which your new distributor is located
  • The new distributor enrolls you as a new customer, verifies your SV and returns it to you.

Changing the Residence to a Different City

  • You must surrender your existing LPG connection if you are permanently locating to a new city and return the equipment to your distributor. You'll be given a Termination Voucher to the distributor and the initial security deposit will also be returned to you in the meantime.
  • After you have moved to the new city, you will have to contact the HP Gas office in your locality along with the security deposit and the documentation fees. You must remember that the Transfer Voucher is valid just for one year after the date of issue and you must take a new connection within the span.
  • A new pressure regulator, Subscription Voucher and a new gas cylinder will be issued to you.
  • Surrendering your additional LPG cylinders is beneficial for the country's economy, especially the people who live in rural areas


LPG is very easy to manage and it gives you better control of the fuel while cooking. You can adjust the flame according to your requirements and the intensity of the flame can also be adjusted. Such settings help in avoiding any form of accidents due to the mismanagement of fuel.