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List of Forms for HP Gas Connection
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LPG is one of the most popular and efficient cooking fuel. The convenience, safety and efficiency provided by LPG cannot be compared to any other alternatives it has in today's world. It also has very less impact on the environment which makes it a green cooking fuel.

LPG connection was difficult to obtain due to the lengthy procedure involved along with the high cost of the cylinders. However, the government has come up with many schemes and the gas companies have subsidized the cooking fuel, making it affordable to a large chunk of the population.

If you wish to apply for a HP Gas LPG connection or if you want to avail the gas subsidy scheme, there are specific forms that you'll be required to fill out.

Below described is the list of forms relevant to the application for gas connection and gas subsidy


Description of Form

Ujjwala KYC Application form

Individuals who wish to apply for an LPG connection through HP Gas have to submit this form, which contains their details such as name and address as well as the LPG distributor for the area.

Ujjwala KYC – Undertaking for availing loan

This form is to be submitted by individuals who wish to take a loan to purchase a gas stove/regulator/gas connection form HP Gas.

Declaration of Income for Availing LPG Subsidy

Part of the form for availing an LPG subsidy, this form is a declaration of income based on which the individual would receive subsidized cylinders.

Simplified KYC form

Individuals who do not have all their KYC documents (identity and address proof) can submit this simplified KYC form to avail an LPG connection.

Unified PAHAL (DBTL) Joining Form

This form is to be submitted to register for the PAHAL scheme, through which the subsidy amount is directly debited into the individual’s registered bank account.

Form 1- Bank Account-Aadhaar Linkage Application Form (for LPG customers)

The first step in the subsidy process, the individual has to submit this form to link their Aadhaar to the bank account they will be receiving the LPG subsidy in.

Form 2- LPG Linking Form

The form is to be submitted to the HP Gas distributor for the purpose of linking LPG connection to your Aadhaar.

Form 3- Mandate for Non-Aadhaar based LPG Subsidy Transfer

Individuals who are applying for an LPG subsidy without an Aadhaar card have to submit this form to their bank for the purpose of LPG subsidy direct debit.

Form 4- Mandate for Non-Aadhaar based LPG Subsidy Transfer

Individuals who are applying for a subsidy without an Aadhaar card can submit this form to their HP Gas distributor, which contains their KYC details as well as their bank account details for the purpose of direct debit of subsidy amount.

Form 5- Mandate for Giving up LPG Subsidy

This form is to be handed to your HP Gas distributor to notify him if you wish to stop receiving the LPG subsidy.

Form 6- Grievance Redressal Form for PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme

This form is to be submitted if you wish to report any grievance or complaint regarding the direct debit process.

Unified Form for Transfer/Regularisation of LPG connection

This form is to be submitted to transfer the LPG connection in case of the death of the holder.

Declaration for the Loss of Subscription/Termination Voucher

This form is to be submitted to report the loss of the original subscription/termination voucher if the holder has misplaced either of them.

Declaration for New Connection or Connection against Termination Voucher

This is an affidavit to be submitted by an individual who wishes to avail a new LPG connection against one that was terminated.

Format for Reactivation of LPG Connection

This is an application to be filed for reactivation of an LPG connection that was deactivated.