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Mymoneykarma is the fastest, easiest and
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Why MyMoneyKarma?

MyMoneyKarma helps you manage your money wisely. We offer you a secure platform to aggregate and view all your financial information in one place to intelligently identify and choose the financial products best suited for you.


It is easy and FREE to setup on our platform. You can log in and connect all your financial accounts through our secure platform, and you will be able to see a one window view of your financials for FREE.


Are you getting general and biased advice on financial products? We focus on your individual financial situation and your financial goals to provide you with UNBIASED PERSONALISED recommendations on the financial products that are BEST for you. These unbiased personalised recommendations will help you save more and invest better.


Tired of using websites where you have to go and manually update your financial data? Mymoneykarma automatically updates and categorises your information saving you time. You will always know the current status of your financial health

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