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USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

What is USSD ?

Mobile banking has revolutionized the entire banking system and has brought the bank in your phone. You can check your account balance, receive a mini statement and do a fund transfer using mobile banking.

However, you need to have access to a smartphone and internet to use mobile banking. A large part of the Indian population does not have access to both of these. USSD is the solution for this population segement as they can just dial the *99# and avail services of mobile banking without internet or smart phone. All leading banks support USSD.

USSD codes connect directly to a bank’s server and provide access to your bank account and transaction execution. The criteria for entry is on the basis of the mobile number you have registered with the bank. Therefore, all USSD transactions must happen through your registered mobile number.

The specific number *99# is fixed to access banking services via USSD. This one number works across all banks.

USSD Code for Different Languages

USSD code is available in many languages for your convenience. Currently, USSD is available in 10 regional languages. The supported languages and their codes are

  • English *99#
  • Hindi *99*22#
  • Tamil *99*23#
  • Telugu *99*24#
  • Malayalam *99*25#
  • Kannada *99*26#
  • Gujarati *99*27#
  • Marathi *99*28#
  • Bengali *99*29#
  • Punjabi *99*30#
  • Assamese *99*31#
  • Odiya *99*32#

Services performed through USSD

  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Funds transfer using IFSC and account number

Charges and Transaction Limit for USSD Banking

The telecom service providers will charge the customers for using NUUP services. The TRAI has set a maximum limit of ₹1.50 per transaction. However, you should contact your telecom service operator to confirm the exact charges. The transaction limit for NUUP is set to ₹5000 per transaction by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

How To Use USSD Code for Banking

To start with, your mobile number has to be registered with the bank. If your mobile number is already registered, then you can directly dial *99#

Steps for USSD-based Banking

Step 1 : Dial *99# from your registered mobile number

Step 2 : Then enter the three-letter abbreviation of your bank's name or the first four letters of bank's IFSC or the first two digits of the bank’s numeric code. Once you have done that, hit 'send' or press the 'call' button.

Step 3 : You will get to see some options for the services. These options may depend on the bank you have your account with. Few of these options are-

  1. Account Bbalance
  2. Mini statement
  3. Send money using MMID
  4. Send money using IFSC
  5. Send money using Aadhaar Number
  6. Show MMID
  7. Change M-PIN
  8. Generate OTP Protection Status