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Low Interest Rate Instant Personal Loan

Personal loans are generally required during emergencies when one needs urgent cash over a short period to deal with a sudden financial emergency. Therefore, an instant personal loan with the cheapest rate of interest would be the perfect solution. Seek help from mymoneykarma to get you the ideal personal loan that suits you best. Our algorithm can assess your data to tell you the best possible personal loan that you can consider. Moreover, we have tie-ups with banks across all Indian cities which helps in the quick processing of your loan. The entire process of application, approval and disbursal can be conducted online and we not only save your valuable time but also give you a hassle-free experience.

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What do I need for a Low-Interest Personal Loan?

Lenders typically have different requirements for documentation for availing of a Personal Loan. However, the set of required documents are similar except for the difference in paperwork for salaried and self-employed borrowers. Here are the documents that you should keep ready before applying for a personal loan:

  1. Your Identity Proof - You could provide a valid passport, driving license, voters ID card or AADHAAR Card

  2. Your Residence Proof: Your passport, AADHAAR Card and current utility bills would serve this purpose

  3. Your Income Proof: You could furnish your bank account statement for three months where your salary comes is credited, or you could provide your salary slips.

  4. Your Employment Proof: An employee ID card or a salary slip can prove your employment.

  5. PAN Card - for taxation purpose

  6. Passport size photographs

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