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Gold Price In Indian Cities
CityStandard Gold (22 K)Pure Gold (24 K)
1 gram8 grams1 gram8 gram

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Gold Rate FAQ's

Generally gold rate is the actual rate that people buy the gold and it can be measured as Tola and 1 Tola is equal to 11.6638125 grams but the purity of the gold was measured on Carat.
Carat explains the number of parts, weight of gold, Higher the percentage pue the gold . Pure gold was pronounced as 24 Carat.
Gold rate may vary depending on the purchases on the cities, Most people over big cities buy gold in bulk amounts at low price because of the reason when compared to smaller cities gold rates are very less in larger cities.
Gold rates in different cities are different the variation may be due to logistics, local charges etc. Gold rate variation in cities are generally low, there is an alternate way to buy gold through known sources where you will see gold rates across locations. visit (link).
The gold prices in india are determined in an informal way i.e They are decided based on the "Masters". The IBJA ( Indian Bullion Jewellers Association) plays a vital role in determining day to day gold rates in india. IBJA members include the biggest loan dealer's, Who have a collective hands on determining gold rates. IBJA generally gets into the act by considering the prices that were quoted by the ten biggest gold dealers. Depends on their quote the IBJA then decides the gold rate.
There is a huge demand of gold in india no surprise to say that india is the second largest in demand of gold and also most of them use gold in the form of ornaments. Investments are the secondary and have a second great demand. Gold imports constitute to the next largest import like crude oil. Protection Status