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Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form
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Aadhaar Enrolment Form:

The first page of Aadhaar enrolment form contains 11 fields for filling the required information. The second page has the instructions that one needs to keep in mind while filling out the application form. Thus, the form is a two-page document.

Instructions to Keep in Mind:

  1. Fill the Aadhaar enrolment form in capital letters or upper case letters. Big letters are easy to recognize, and there are fewer chances of mistakes during data entry in the system by the Aadhaar staff.
  2. The form should be neat without any ink blotches on it.

List of Fields Present in The Aadhaar Application Form:

  1. Full name: Enter the details of your name as mentioned on the documented proof with the first name, middle name (if any) and the last name(surname).
  2. Address of the applicant: Enter the current address details as mentioned on the address proof that you will attach with the form.
  3. Age or DOB: If you are unaware of your date and year of birth, enter the approximate age. In case you don't have a proof of birth document, then tick mark the 'Declared' box or else tick mark the 'Verified' box.
  4. Gender: Mention your gender on the form.
  5. Taxpayer Identification Number or National Population Register Receipt Number: If you have these details, then write them, or else don't fill up this field.
  6. Previous enrolment ID: If you are applying for changes to an existing Aadhaar card, please enter your 12-digits Aadhaar number.
  7. Father or Mother or any guardian details: This section is not compulsory for adults, but it is compulsory for children below 5 years. If you are applying through an introducer, enter their Aadhaar details.
  8. Details of the supporting documents that you are submitting: Here, select the verification method either on the basis of documentation or through an introducer and share the details of the documents that you are submitting along with the form.
  9. Details of the Introducer if any: In case, you don't have the required documents, use the documents of the introducer or head of the family for enrolling yourself in Aadhaar.
  10. Thumb impression or signature of the applicant.
  11. Date and time of enrolment.
  12. Consent: Provide your consent to UIDAI, stating that you agree to share your information with the government agencies.
  13. Bank Account: If you want to link your Aadhaar with your bank account, provide your account details here.

Verification Through Documents:

After filling the enrolment form, attach the supporting documents - such as proof of identity, proof of address and date of birth - at the enrolment centre. In case you are getting enrolled through an introducer, attach the document that validates the proof of relationship.