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Kotak Bank Credit Card Bill Payment
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Missing a credit card payment is never advisable. It starts with a late payment penalty, passes through the stage of paying a higher interest rate and reaches an extent where the credit score shows a huge dip. So, it's better to pay your credit card bills on time. Bill payment has become easy nowadays with the availability of several offline and online payment modes.

Online Payment Modes of Kotak Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Mobile banking

  • Net banking

  • WebPAY


  • VISA payment

Offline Payment Modes of Kotak Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Auto Debit

  • Phone banking

  • Over the branch counter

  • Cheque

online and offline method for Kotak Bank credit card bill payment

Avenues to Pay Your Kotak Bank Credit Card Bill Online

Online payment channel reduces the turnaround time of clearing the outstanding balance on the credit card.

Mobile Banking

Along with making the credit card payments, you can view your past statements, request for a balance transfer, and convert transactions to EMIs on the Kotak Bank app. Here are the steps that you need to follow to pay your credit card bill through the app:

  • Install the Kotak Bank app.

  • After downloading the app, log in using your credentials.

  • Visit the 'Home Page.'

  • Under the 'Credit Card' tab, select 'CC Payments.'

  • Follow the given instructions to complete the process of the transaction.

Net Banking

After registering for the net banking facility of Kotak bank, you can quickly make payments from your current or savings account. Here are the steps:

  • Sign in to the net banking facility of Kotak bank with the required credentials.

  • Visit the Home Page.

  • Under the 'Credit Card' tab, select 'Payments.'

  • Click on the 'Make Payment' option.


Don't have an account with Kotak Mahindra Bank? Don't worry! Through WebPAY, you can clear your dues from a non-Kotak bank account. However, this service is available only for selected banks. Here are the steps to use WebPAY:

  • Enter the details of your Kotak Bank credit card.

  • Select your bank from the dropdown list.

  • Approve the payment.

  • Once the transaction has been processed, you will be acknowledged with a transaction reference number on the screen, and an online confirmation will be sent to you via email/SMS.


Steps to pay through NEFT:

  • Login to Kotak Bank's net banking facility.

  • Select the 'Fund Transfer/NEFT/IMPS' option.

  • Add your credit card as a 'Payee' by entering the required details.

  • Follow the given instructions to complete the payment process.

VISA Payment

For using the VISA payment service, register your Kotak card through the net banking portal. Once the card is registered, you can make payments at your convenience.

Avenues for Kotak Credit Card Bill Payment Offline

Auto Debit

  • If it is challenging for you to keep a tab on due dates, you should consider the auto-debit mode. The instructed amount will be debited from your bank account every month towards your credit card payment.

  • Download the Auto Debit Authorization Form from the official website of Kotak Mahindra Bank to register for this service.

  • Enter the required details and submit the form at the nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch.

  • State clearly in the form whether you want the bank to debit the total amount due or the minimum amount due every month.

Phone Banking

Following are the steps of Phone Banking:

  • Call the Kotak Customer Service at 1860 266 2666.

  • Select the 'Banking' option from the menu.

  • Request the executive to transfer money from Kotak savings or current account to your credit card account.

Over the Branch Counter

Visit the nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch and deposit the cash there for your credit card payment. You can locate the nearest Kotak branch through its official website.


If other ways are not convenient for you, then clear your dues with a cheque. Address the cheque to your Kotak credit card account, followed by your Kotak credit card's 16-digit number. Drop this cheque at the nearest ATM or any of Kotak Mahindra Bank branches.


If a wrong credit card number has been entered, what should a customer do?

The credit card number should be entered twice for security purpose. If it is still entered incorrectly, then the customer should call the customer care.

How can offline payments be made?

It can be paid by cash or cheque either at the nearest ATM or nearest bank branch.

How can credit card bill payment be made through mobile?

For paying credit card  bill through your mobile, you have to download the bank's app, go to the credit card section and initiate the bill payment.

If I pay my credit card bill using VISA payment, how long will it take for the amount to reflect in my credit card account?

It can take around two to three business days for the transfer to reflect in your credit card account.