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PAN Card Correction/Modification Online
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PAN is an essential document in India. For individuals paying taxes, applying for loans, making any form of financial transactions, it is vital to own a PAN card, since PAN details are mandatory for completing all of these procedures. In case someone doesn't have a PAN card, they are required to submit Form 60 or Form 61 and submit it to the receiving entity. Due to the new policies adopted by the Income Tax Department after the popularisation of the internet throughout the country, it is simple to re-apply for PAN card.

How to make changes/corrections in PAN

To change or make a correction in your PAN card, the applicant needs to follow the procedure laid out by the Tax Information Network. Below mentioned are a few steps that you can follow to make corrections in your PAN card:

  • Visit the official website of UTIITSL

  • Click on CSF form 'Request for New PAN card/changes or correction in PAN data'

  • Click on Submit

  • Make the required payment

  • You'll get an acknowledgment number. Note down the acknowledgment number for checking the status of your PAN application.

How to check correction application status?

You can check the correction application status by visiting the UTIITSL official website. After opening the site, click on 'Track your PAN status.' Hit in the acknowledgment number and click on 'Submit.' The status of your PAN application will be shown on the screen.

Documents required for applying for change/correction in PAN

To request for modification in the PAN details, the requester needs to provide documents claiming their identity and residence along with the change/correction in PAN application form. The PAN correction application form is different for Indian citizens and foreigners and the application form also varies depending on the entity which is applying for PAN correction

Indian Individuals and Hindu Undivided Families

An Indian individual or an entity belonging to Hindu Undivided family can apply for modifying their PAN details by submitting a government approved ID proof like aadhar card, driver's license, voter ID, passport, etc. and address proof like voter ID card, driver's license, passport, etc. Individuals also need to provide their passport-sized photograph along with the application and required documents.

Companies/Firms which have an office in India

Companies or firms based in India need to submit their Certificate of Registration issued by the authorities along with their identity and address proof to make changes in their PAN.

Companies/Firms which have their office outside India

Companies who are located outside India and don't have any office in the country are required to submit the application form for correction in PAN along with the relevant documents. The application is required to be duly signed by the Indian Embassy/Consulate

Foreign citizens

Citizens residing outside India are required to submit their identification and address proof along with the PAN correction application form.

Other foreign entities

If companies/firms that are based in a foreign country and do not have an office in India need to correct their PAN card, they need to provide a copy of their Certificate of Registration approved by the Indian authorities along with their identity proof and address proof. The Registration Certificate must be attested by the Indian Embassy in the country where the company is based.

Required documents for PAN card corrections

The table below shows the documents that are required to make changes in the PAN card.

Change Request Supporting Documents
Change in the name of individual Name change certificate from a gazetted officer/name change publication in official gazette
Change in date of birth ID proof with correct date of birth
Change in name of females (due to marriage) Marriage certificate/invitation card/certified copy from gazetted officer
Change in name of company/firm Certificate from registrar of Companies/updated partnership deed

How to Change / Correct Pan Card Address Online

With a large number of people always moving in and out of cities and towns, the need to change the address on PAN card is heightened. Individuals/entities who wish to update the communication address on their PAN card can follow these simple steps to do so

  • Visit the official website of TIN-NSDL

  • Fill up the form for New PAN/changes in PAN

  • Tick on the box which says address for communication

  • Mention whether the address that is supposed to be changed is a residential address or office address.

  • Update the existing address by mentioning the new address

  • Submit required documents like identity proof and address proof along with the PAN application form to the necessary authority

Guidelines for filling PAN card correction form

Processing Fees associated with change/corrections in PAN card

If you've lost/misplaced your PAN card or want to apply for a new PAN card due to some mistakes in it, you'll be charged a minimal amount for the process of re-issue of the PAN card. The amount charged depends on the communication address of the applicant. If you're someone who stays in India, you'll be charged Rs.110, but if you reside outside India, then you'll be charged an amount of Rs.1020. The chargeable amounts are inclusive of GST.

The payments can be made through Demand Draft, cheque, net banking, credit card or debit card. If you're paying through Demand Draft, then the DD slip must be in favor of NSDL-PAN, payable at Mumbai. After you've submitted the PAN correction form, you'll be given a 15-digit acknowledgment number. The acknowledgment number can be used to track your PAN application status. The PAN application form along with the required documents and two passport-sized photographs must be posted to the NSDL office to complete the procedure of generating a new PAN card.

  • The PAN card correction form must be filled in English; there is no other alternative language in which the PAN application form can be filled

  • You need not provide any prefix in the name section like Miss, Mrs, etc

  • If you're representing a company/firm, you're not allowed to use any abbreviations such as Ltd, Pvt etc

  • A HUF applicant must mention HUF after their name

  • Father's name must be filled, even in the case of women who are married

  • Contact address must be followed by the city/state's PIN code or ZIP code

  • Mobile number or landline number must be provided along with the ISD or STD code

  • If the Aadhar number is used as an identity proof y the applicant, then a copy of the Aadhar card must be submitted along with the application form

  • Check the left column in the form to analyze where the changes/corrections are required