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PAN Card Form
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Every earning citizen of India needs to have a PAN card for Tax Deducted at the Source/ Tax collected at the Source credits, specified transactions, returns on gifts, income and wealth, unilateral remittances like gifts and tax payments.

We'll be discussing various methods on how to apply for PAN later. The basic requirement for applying for PAN is to fill the application form. To fill the application form for PAN, an individual needs to fill up Form 49A or Form 49AA. However, which form is applicable to an individual depends on the residing location of a person. An Indian citizen is required to fill up Form 49A to apply for PAN card and a foreign citizen is required to fill Form 49AA to apply for PAN.

How to download PAN card online?

e-PAN is a new service launched by NSDL and UTIITSL, where the entities apply for a new PAN card. If your PAN card has gone missing, then you can re-apply for a new PAN card online through the e-PAN portal. The PAN card can be downloaded in PDF format.

You can follow these steps to get access to e-PAN:

  • Login to
  • Fill in details like name, phone number, email ID
  • After submitting the form, the individual can get access to their e-PAN through their registered e-mail

Procedure for filling Form 49A and 49AA

  • Visit the NSDL official website
  • Navigate to the User Registration section.
  • Fill in the category of individual
  • Select 'Next'
  • Fill up the Form 49A(if you're an Indian citizen) and Form 49AA (if you're a foreign national)
  • Click on 'Proceed to Pay'
  • Select the Mode of Payment
  • Complete the payment by using the OTP received on your Registered Mobile Number.

Once the payment is completed, the required documents can either be sent to the NSDL income tax services unit via post or the scanned copies of the documents can be uploaded on the website.

Guide to fill the PAN card application form

  • Use block letters to fill the form
  • Don't fill in your initials under the section 'Name'. Always fill up the full first name and surname
  • If you're filling the form and sending it to the NSDL Income Tax Department unit, you need to affix two passport-sized photographs- make sure that the photographs aren't stapled or clipped to the form.
  • Make sure that the identity proof and residence proof is verified
  • Don't forget to provide your left-hand thumb impression or sign across the photograph before submitting the form.
  • Thumb impression must be attested by a Gazetted Officer, a notary officer or a magistrate Avoid over-writing on the form. Your application could get rejected due to that.
  • Designation need not be mentioned anywhere on the application form