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PAN Card mistakes to avoid
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Common mistakes that should be avoided while applying for PAN card

PAN is an essential document in India. For individuals paying taxes, applying for loans, making any form of financial transactions, it is vital to own a PAN card, since PAN details are mandatory for completing all of these procedures. In case someone doesn't have a PAN card, they are required to submit Form 60 or Form 61 and submit it to the receiving entity. Due to the new policies adopted by the Income Tax Department after the popularisation of the internet throughout the country, it is simple to re-apply for PAN card.

Here’s a list of common mistakes that should be avoided while applying for PAN Card

  • Sometimes individuals provide signature in the incorrect spaces. On the PAN application form, the applicant supposed to sign across their photographs and n the space provided.
  • Signing in blue ink could also result in the reject of PAN application
  • Using initials instead of full name is one of the common mistakes that can be rectified easily by the PAN applicants
  • Attaching the scanned copies of photographs instead of passport sized photographs is another common mistake made by the applicants. Since scanned copies of the photographs makes the identification of the applicant difficult, it is important to attach passport-sized photograph on the application.

How to make changes/corrections in PAN

To change or make a correction in your PAN card, the applicant needs to follow the procedure laid out by the Tax Information Network. Below mentioned are a few steps that you can follow to make corrections in your PAN card:

  • Visit the official website of UTIITSL
  • Click on CSF form 'Request for New PAN card/changes or correction in PAN data'
  • Click on Submit
  • Make the required payment
  • You'll get an acknowledgment number. Note down the acknowledgment number for checking the status of your PAN application.

How to check correction application status?

You can check the correction application status by visiting the UTIITSL official website. After opening the site, click on 'Track your PAN status.' Hit in the acknowledgment number and click on 'Submit.' The status of your PAN application will be shown on the screen.