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PAN Card Rejection
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Applying for PAN card in India is a reasonably easy procedure. An individual may apply through online or offline modes. In the online mode of PAN application, a taxpayer needs to visit the NSDL(National Securities Depository Limited) website or UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited) website and follow the necessary steps to register for a PAN card. In the offline mode, a taxpayer needs to visit the nearest district level PAN agency. However, many times the PAN application submitted by an entity/individual gets rejected by the authorities. The reasons could vary but one of the major reasons for PAN card rejection is discrepancy in the documents submitted by the applicant.

Reasons for PAN Card Rejection

PAN applications usually get rejected due to incorrect information provided by the applicant. Also, sometimes the information provided by the applicant on the application form doesn't tally with the documents submitted by them. Both individuals, as well as entities like companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, foreign firms, HUFs, can face PAN card application rejection.

The rejection of PAN card is not subject to any particular method of filling up the form-the discrepancies can arise while filling up the application form through either online or offline mode.

Listed are some of the reasons why your PAN card application could get rejected:

Discrepancy arising in PAN Application Form

Any individual/entity applying for PAN card is required to fill up many personal details like name, age, gender, date of birth. Even if all the details are supposed to provide in the designated sections, human error could creep in. Sometimes, the applicant incorrectly fills up the application form leading to rejection of the PAN card. For instance, if the name entered on the application form is different than the identity proof provided by the applicant, the application form will face rejection.

Discrepancy in Documents submitted by the applicant

After the application form is submitted, the authorities verify the documents filed by the applicant. During the verification process, if the documents provided by the applicant do not match with the details provided in the application form or the documents submitted are fake, then the application submitted by the entity could get rejected.

Points to Remember to avoid PAN Card rejection

  • Never use initials while filling up the form. Using initials instead of the full name while filling the form could lead to the rejection of your application form.
  • It is necessary to avoid mentioning initials while filling up the Name section since the official website of NSDL and UTIITSL do not accept initials in the name section.
  • HUFs must fill their full name. Companies must write their names in full, and avoid any short forms. For example, if the company's name has LImited at the end, they must not use the abbreviation Ltd instead of Limited.
  • Always mention your PIN Code while filling out the address section.
  • The phone numbers provided by you must have ISD or STD codes, whatever application.
  • The primary reason for PAN rejection is invalid documents. Make sure that the documents that you are submitted are valid and match with the information provided by you in the application form.