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How to Link PAN Card to PayPal Bank Account
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It is a common perception that it is expensive for individuals outside the US to get a PayPal Account. However, an individual in India can get a PayPal account in India free of cost. The account can be created through PayPal's official website.

PayPal is a globally accepted online bank. The only mode of transactions that happen through PayPal is through online method of transactions. PayPal can also be used to transfer funds easily, make purchases online from the shopping websites that do not accept credit cards or debit cards and it can also be used to transfer money globally.

The necessity of linking PAN with PayPal account

You can open a PayPal account without giving your PAN details, but if you have not given your PAN details while registering for a PayPal account, you won't be able to send or receive any funds through PayPal account. Individuals who have a PayPal account but do not own a PAN card can apply for a PAN card after opening the bank account and give the PAN details once their PAn card is furnished.

Linking PAN card with PayPal Account

There is no need to provide the details of credit or debit cards to open a PayPal account. Once you have registered with the PayPal banking services, you can submit your bank account details. However, your PAN card must be linked with your PayPal account to conduct any form of transactions through the PayPal account. While providing the details of your PAN Card on your PayPal account, you must give the same information as on the PAN card. In case the same name doesn't appear on your PayPal account and PAN card, you can contact the authorities in PayPal and inform them regarding the discrepancy. It is necessary to note that you should remember the email Id that you have provided on the PayPal account since you will be using the same username to login to your PayPal account.