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PAN Card Application Form 49A
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What is Form 49A?

An individual who wants to apply for PAN can complete the application process by filling up Form 49A. The only eligibility criterion for filling up Form 49A is that the applicant should be an Indian citizen. Form 49A can be downloaded from the NSDL or UTIITSL e-Governance official website. After filling up the application form, the applicant is required to submit copies of the required documents and photographs to the Income Tax Department.

Structure of 49A

Form 49A has sixteen components and each component has a subsection which needs to be filled out. The form has allotted spaces where the applicant is required to attach their photograph.

Components of Form 49A

Assessing officer code

The applicant has to mention area code, accounts office number and type and range code in this section.


The applicant is required to mention his/her first name, middle name, last name and their marital status in this section.

Abbreviation of the name

In this section, the applicant can mention the abbreviation that they wish to appear on their PAN card.

Other names

If the applicant was ever officially known by another name, they can mention the first name, middle name and last name in this section


The applicant has to specify their gender status in this section

Date of Birth

The individual applicant is required to mention their date of birth and for companies and organizations, they need to indicate their date of incorporation/partnership

Father's Name

The applicant also has to mention his/her father's full name. This section is applicable for all the individuals applying for PAN, including women who are married.


The applicant entity/individual is required to fill their residential address in this section.

Address of communication

After the PAN card is dispatched, the officers from the PAN center communicate with the applicant through one of the addresses provided by the applicant. There are two types of residence details that need to provided by the applicant- office and residence. The applicant can choose the address of communication.

Telephone number and email ID The applicant is also required to provide their contact details like their telephone number and email ID. It is necessary to provide the country code and state code while providing the telephone number in the application.

Status of the applicant The applicant has to mention the type of entity in this section. They are required to indicate whether he/she is an individual, HUF, company or a Limited Liabilities Partnership, etc

Registration number The applicant entity is needed to provide the details on their Registration Certificate in this section. The Certificate of registration issued to the entity through the authorities has the registration number in it.

Aadhar number If the individual owns an Aadhar card, they are required to mention their Aadhar number in the application

Sources of income If the applicant has invested in mutual funds or has a property on lease, then they need to mention the sources through which they are accruing income

Representative Assessee The applicant is required to provide contact details like address and telephone number of the representative assessee

Documents submitted The applicant is required to mention the documents that are submitted by him/her like identification and address proof in the PAN application form

Points to remember while filling up Form 49A

  • The Form 49A is required to be filled in English since there is no provision for any other language in the PAN application form
  • The application must be filled in black-ink and you must fill the application in block letters
  • The details provided by the applicant must be filled in a way that every character in the application is separated by a box
  • The applicant is required to affix two photographs and make sure that the photographs provided are of good quality
  • The applicant is required to sign across the photograph that they have affixed on the application. He/she can also put a left-thumb impression on the photograph if they don't have a signature
  • The signature/thumb impression must not cover the photograph entirely, it should be done in a way that it is on the application and photograph as well
  • You must provide the correct details and verify the details correctly while filling up the PAN application.
  • Overwriting must be avoided while filling up the form since overwriting might lead to rejection of the PAN application form
  • It is essential to provide correct and complete contact details while filling up the form. The PAN card is received in the address that the applicant has provided.