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How to Link PAN Card to Canara Bank Account
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It is necessary to link PAN with your Canara Bank Account because failure to do so, would make the account holder ineligible for downloading the TDS certificate/form 16.

You can link your PAN details with Canara Bank Account by visiting your home branch and submitting the PAN updation form/KYC form along with the relevant documents to the branch manager.

Offline mode of linking PAN with Canara Bank Account

You can visit your Canara home branch and fill up the PAN card updation form in order to link PAN details to your Canara Bank Account via offline mode.

Follow these steps to link your PAN card with bank account:

  • Visit your Canara Bank Home Branch- the Canara branch where you opened your bank account
  • Ask for PAN Card Updation Form/KYC Form at the bank
  • Submit the following documents after filling up the KYC form:

KYC/PAN Card Update Form

Photocopy of PAN card which is self-attested

Letter addressed to the Branch Manager requesting the update of PAN Card details in your bank account

Failure to link PAN card with your Canara Bank Account has many consequences, if an account holder fails to link their PAN with their bank account, they are not granted TDS certificate from Canara Bank. Also, if the PAN details are not linked with the bank account, the account holder would be charged a certain amount of tax on the deposits made by him/her.