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List of Holidays in Tamil Nadu in India

Holidays are happy times that call for relaxation, enjoyment and spending quality time with friends and family. India is known for its multitude of holidays. Being a secular country, India is home to several religions that celebrate different festivals. The holiday structure in government organizations differs from that of private companies. Sunday is a regular holiday for all workplaces. Some private companies have holidays on both Saturday and Sunday, whereas Government organizations are mostly open on Saturdays. Banks usually remain closed on two Saturdays in a month and remain open on the other two. There are three national holidays in India when all organizations remain closed; these are Republic day on 26th January, Independence Day on 15th August and Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October. Apart from these, there are regional and restricted holidays which vary from state to state. This page aims to keep you informed about the different holidays in the state of Tamil Nadu.

About Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of India and it lies on the Indian peninsula. Chennai is its capital city. The state shares a maritime border with Sri Lanka with the Palk Strait in between them. Tamil Nadu houses innumerable historic buildings, pilgrimage sites of multiple religions, several hill stations as well as eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The state has around 92 lakh people who take immense pride in their language and cultural heritage. The state is known for its vast variety of music, literature, theatre, dance, cuisine, and various art forms. Tamil is the official language of the state.

List of Tamil Nadu Holidays in 2019

Holiday Date Day Remarks
New Year's Day 01 Jan Monday Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur
Pongal 15 Jan Tuesday Makar Sankranti
Thiruvalluvar Day 16 Jan Wednesday Tamil Nadu-specific holiday
Uzhavar Tirunal 17 Jun Thursday Tamil Nadu, Puducherry
Republic Day 26 Jan Saturday Throughout India
Holi 21 Mar Thursday  
Ugadi 6 Apr Saturday Telugu and Kannada New Year
Mahavir Jayanti 17 Apr Wednesday Religious festival in Jainism
Bank Holiday 01 Apr Monday Year account closing day
Good Friday 19 Apr Friday  
Ambedkar Jayanti 14 Apr Sunday Birthday of Ambedkar
Buddha Purnima 18 May Saturday  
May Day 01 May Wednesday Several states
Idul Fitr 5 Jun Wednesday Many states
Independence Day 15 Aug Thursday Throughout India
Id ul Juha 12 Aug Monday Bakrid several states
Friday 23 Aug Janmashtami Tamil Nadu honors the birth of Lord Shiva
Ganesh Festival 2 Sep Monday Vinayaka Vrata
Muharram 10 Sep Tuesday Several states
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02 Oct Wednesday Throughput India
Ayudha Puja 7 Oct Monday Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
Dusshera 8 Oct Tuesday Vijay Dashami
Deepavali 27 Oct Sunday Tamil Nadu, Kerala
Id-e-Milad 10 Nov Sunday  
Christmas Day 25 Dec Wednesday All states

Tamil Nadu Bank Holidays in 2019

Holiday Day Date
New Year Tuesday 1 Jan
Pongal Tuesday 15 Jan
Thiruvalluvar Day Wednesday 16 Jan
Uzhavar Thirunal Thursday 17 Jan
Republic Day Saturday 26 Jan
Telugu New Year Saturday 6 Apr
Mahavir Jayanti Wednesday 17 Apr
Good Friday Wednesday 19 Apr
Ambedkar Jayanti Sunday 14 Apr
May Day Wednesday 01 May
Id ul Fitr Wednesday 5 Jun
Independence Day Thursday 15 Aug
Bakrid Monday 12 Aug
Janmashtami Friday 23 Aug
Ganesh Festival Monday 2 Sep
Muharram Tuesday 10 Sep
Gandhi Jayanti Monday 02 Oct
Maha Navami Mon 7 Oct
Vijaya Dashami Tuesday 8 Oct
Diwali Sunday 27 Oct
Eid-e-Milad Sunday 10 Nov
Christmas Day Wednesday 25 Dec

Note: Banks have holidays on second and fourth Saturdays too.

Popular Festivals/Holidays in Tamil Nadu

Pongal is the biggest festival in Tamil Nadu. This festival is also called as Tamizhar Thirunaal or Makara Sankranti. It is a harvest festival that lasts for four days and is celebrated throughout the state. Aadi Perukku, Saraswathi Poojai, Ayudha Poojai, Krishna Jayanthi and Vinayaka Chathurthi are few of the other festivals celebrated in the state. The Muslim and Christian communities also celebrate their respective festivals. Mahamagam is a bathing festival celebrated once in 12 years at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.

The Importance of Knowing the Tamil Nadu Holidays in 2019

Apart from the three National Holidays, each state has different regional festivals and holidays. It is important to be aware of the holidays of each state as it can help one plan effectively. People living within the state can plan their vacations or travel itineraries ahead if they know about the holiday dates. People living outside the state can accordingly book their travel tickets if they know about the holiday dates of the state where he or she wishes to travel. Residents will get to know when the banks and the government offices will remain closed. Moreover, a little more knowledge is of no harm and it is always good to be enlightened.



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