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Regional Transport Office
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RTO is a government organization that maintains the database of drivers and vehicles for many Indian states and Union Territories. The RTO issues driving licenses and sells personalized registrations to maintain the collection of excise duty such as road tax. The Regional Transport Office also conducts insurance check and pollution test of vehicles. There are thousands of RTO office across India, and you must visit the nearest RTO to get the paperwork done linked with your vehicle.

RTO-Related Procedures That Can Be Done Online

Some of the critical RTO works that can be done online are listed below:

  • Submit the necessary documents and apply for a DL.

  • Book an appointment to visit the RTO.

  • Apply for the renewal of DL.

  • Download a copy of the DL.

RTO-Related Procedures That Can Be Done Offline

Though you can accomplish many tasks online by sitting at the luxury of your home, there are a few things that will be requiring your physical presence. You must visit the nearest RTO to get this done. Some of the tasks you can get done by visiting the nearest RTO are:

  • Registering your new vehicle.

  • Taking your Driving License test on the track.

  • Writing your Learner’s License test.

  • In case of any accident disputes.

RTO Fines

The supreme body which outlines the traffic rules and regulations which need to be followed in our country is The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. When a driver breaks any of these rules, it is a punishable offense. The offender will be needed to pay massive fines/penalties or could get imprisoned or both, depending on the nature of the offense.

Some of the general offenses made by the drivers and the fine levied against them are mentioned below:

Type of offense


Fine amount (In Rs.)

Driving above the speed limit



Driving a vehicle without a license



To drive a vehicle without a license



Not carrying mandatory documents


100 for the first time and 300 for a subsequent offense

Driving at excessive speed



You must take note that the penalty varies from state to state. Your State Transport Department will announce the renewed offense and penalty list from time to time. You must visit your State Transport Department’s official website for exact details.

Other RTO-Related Tasks

Most of the people visit RTO only to get a driving license. However, many other tasks can be conducted in an RTO. Some of the other activities which can be done in an RTO are:

Booking a Duplicate RC

You can appeal for a duplicate registration certificate at an RTO if you have misplaced or lost your RC book.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer

If you have sold your vehicle to someone and you wish to transfer the vehicle to his/her name, you can visit the nearest RTO to complete the procedure.

Other RTO-related tasks include:

  • Address and name change in the RC book

  • Getting an International Driving License

  • Procuring a  vehicle NOC (for transferring the vehicle in the name of another person)


Where can I go for registration of my vehicle?

If you wish to register your vehicle, then you must visit your nearest Registering Authority(RTO).

Within how many days after buying do I need to register a vehicle?

After purchasing a vehicle, you must register within the next seven days.

Which documents must be submitted as residence proof for the registration of a vehicle?

You must provide a copy of your address proof which could include your utility bills, passport, IT return, employer certificate

A personal vehicle is registered for how many years?

A personal vehicle is registered for 15 years. After that, you will be required to renew the certificate of registration for the next five years.

The certificate of fitness of the transport vehicle is valid for how long?

The Certificate of Fitness issued for transport vehicles is valid for two years and it must be renewed after that.

What is the eligibility criteria to obtain a Driving License?

The eligibility for obtaining a Driving License engine capacity: 16 years.

  • For passenger vehicles and all goods vehicles: 20 years.

  • All the remaining vehicles:  18 years.

What is the minimum qualification needed to own a Driving License?

The minimum qualification for holding a driving license to drive a transport vehicle is 8th standard. Along with that, the applicant is also required to read and write at least one regional language apart from English.

What is the validity period for licenses?

The validity period for different types of licenses are as follows:

  • LL(Learner's License: 6 months)

  • Transport Vehicle Permanent License: 3 years from the date of issue

  • Permanent License for any other type of vehicle: 20 years from the date of issue until the license holder reaches 50 years of age (whichever is earlier).