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IDBI Mobile Banking
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Time is dear to all and IDBI Bank knows that. With an aim to aid their customers in saving time on banking chores, the IDBI Bank has launched its mobile banking service which offers extremely convenient features. It not only caters to your basic banking needs like funds transfer, checking account balance and statements but also offers a lot of extra services. The Bank's mobile banking services work on Apple and Android platforms. Read on to discover some of its features.

Register for IDBI Bank Mobile Banking

For IDBI Bank mobile banking, one can register through the following modes;

  1. SMS

  2. Submit Channel Registration Form at the nearest IDBI Bank Branch.

Register IDBI Bank Mobile Banking through SMS

It’s a simple process where you can send an SMS and register your mobile number. Simply type MBREG <SPACE><Cust ID> and send the message to 9560853000. For example:

If your customer ID is 12345678, then type the following and send it as a text message to 9560853000:

MBREG 12345678

Register IDBI Bank Mobile Banking through Channel Registration Form

  1. Download the Channel Registration Form from IDBI bank’s official website.

  2. Fill the form with all the necessary details.

  3. Visit the nearest IDBI bank branch and submit it.

  4. After successful registration, you will receive a Mobile Banking activation message through SMS on your registered mobile number.

  5. Then, visit the Bank's website

  6. Next, click on 'Set Password Online' link to create your password.

  7. Visit on your mobile internet browser and log in.

Activate IDBI Bank Mobile Banking

You can activate IDBI bank Mobile banking through your debit card details and its PIN. Let’s look at the process:

  1. Download the IDBI Bank app.

  2. Then, click on “Activate app.”

  3. Next, verify your mobile number and enter your customer ID.

  4. Then, click on the “Activate” button.

  5. Start using the app.

Features of IDBI Mobile Banking

Go Mobile+ app: IDBI Bank's extremely useful “Go Mobile+” App enhances the user's banking experience through an impressive and user-friendly interface. It provides a variety of services and features. The App offers the flexibility to operate and transact on a bank account anywhere and anytime. These are the key services that one can enjoy from the IDBI mobile banking service:

  • To check account details, account balance, mini-statement and account statement
  • To check Demat holdings and transaction details
  • To pay various bills
  • To transfer funds through NEFT, IMPS, MMID
  • To recharge prepaid mobiles and DTH
  • To control Debit Card features such as setting the card on or off, setting ATM or POS limit, hotlisting, etc.  
  • To request for a Cheque Book
  • Stop Cheque Payment
  • To raise Aadhaar linking request
  • To register for Email account statement

Browser Banking: This service by IDBI Bank lets a customer access their accounts conveniently through the browsers on their mobile phones. One can simply type and enjoy all the following services:  

  • Accounts and Demat inquiries
  • Bill Payments
  • IMPS and NEFT mode of Fund Transfer
  • Viewing all accounts through account dashboard
  • Recharge of Mobile and DTH
  • Visa Card Payments
  • Requesting for cheque-books and monitoring cheque payments

SMS Banking: The SMS Banking service by IDBI bank is a free service that all customers can use through a basic mobile phone without internet access. The customers must register themselves for this facility by visiting the nearest branch of IDBI bank. They will be given a list of SMS banking codes. To use the SMS Banking service, the customer has to type a request code as a text message in a particular format and send it as an SMS to 9820346920 or 9821043718. Once the SMS is sent, the user receives a response within a few seconds.

NUUP Banking: IDBI Bank offers banking facility through NUUP or National Unified USSD Platform which enables the customers to receive banking information without a smartphone on an internet connection. They just need to dial *99# from the registered mobile number. Then they receive a list of options for different banking services. They can select an option that they would like to perform and proceed. USSD Banking lets customers make balance inquiries, raise requests for account statements, transfer funds, etc. The following services are accessible through this facility:

  • Requesting or sending money to users registered on BHIM App or NUUP Channel or through IFSC and Account Number or to saved beneficiaries
  • Adding or changing bank account details
  • Checking the account balance
  • Setting or changing the UPI Pin
  • Viewing the last 5 transactions on UPI
  • Viewing or updating the profile

Benefits of IDBI Bank Mobile Banking

  • It saves a lot of time.
  • It gives all the information in different languages.
  • It lets you do most banking transactions on the go.
  • It aids you in checking your account balance, requesting for a chequebook, inquiring on your deposit accounts and more.
  • It facilitates funds transfer instantly.
  • It locates the nearest bank branch.
  • The facilities are free of cost.

IDBI Bank Mobile Banking Security Measures

  • Nobody can access your account as you can log in to your it only with your login credentials.
  • The 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology ensures that all your account data and information is encrypted and protected.
  • Five incorrect attempts at logging in will lock down your account automatically.
  • None of your confidential data is saved on the SIM card or the device.

IDBI Bank Mobile Banking: Do’s

  • Secure your mobile phone with a unique password, which is not to be shared with anyone.
  • Choose a strong password containing a mix of alphanumeric and special characters.
  • Change your password frequently to ensure safety.
  • Report the incident to the bank and the nearest police station without delay in case of theft or loss of your phone.
  • Be attentive towards attention all communication you receive from the bank.
  • Always log out after completing a transaction.

IDBI Bank Mobile Banking: Dont’s

  • Never share your login ID and password with anyone.
  • Never write down your password anywhere.
  • Never add beneficiaries whom you do not know.
  • Avoid changing your contact details without informing the bank.
  • Stay safe from hoax calls, SMS or emails.
  • Never use shared networks for banking transactions.