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UCO Bank Two-Wheeler Loan
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UCO has been operating since 1943, and over the years marked its presence all over India and even across the world. In India, the bank has 45 zonal offices, and it is headquartered in Kolkata. It provides numerous loans to meet the several needs of an average citizen. Be it personal, home, and two-wheeler loans, the bank offers them at affordable rates. Other financial products which the bank provides include agriculture credit, debit cards, and foreign currency loans.

Two-Wheeler Loan Eligibility in UCO Bank

For a salaried applicant, the age must be between 21 and 55 years to become eligible. For a non-salaried applicant, the age should be between 21 and 60 years to be applicable.

The income criteria for salaried and non-salaried applicants are as follows:

  1. As a salaried borrower, the applicant must be earning a net salary of Rs.8000/-per month, of which take-home income should 40% p.m required as the minimum amount to be eligible for this loan.

  2. For a non-salaried borrower, the applicant should have a minimum income of Rs.1 lakh per annum as per ITR/assessment order. On the other hand, if the applicant intends to buy a high-end vehicle, he or she should have a minimum income of Rs. 1.50 lacs per annum. The applicant should also have a 40% take home salary to become applicable. For an agricultural borrower, the Sanctioning Authority should be satisfied with the proof of income.

Interest Rates of UCO Two-Wheeler Loan

1. For this kind of loan, the interest rate that is applicable in the general category is BR + 4.25%

2. Accounts with full liquid collateral security are liable at 1.00% interest rebate.

3. The accounts having 50% liquid collateral security are responsible to 0.50% interest rebate

Features & Benefits of UCO Bike Loan:

1. Amount of Loan: The maximum amount of loan that an applicant is entitled to be Rs.60,000/-. This amount can be increased to Rs.1 lac for the purchase of high-end two-wheelers.

2. Processing Charge: The applicant will be charged with 1.00% of the loan amount as a processing charge. The minimum amount that an applicant needs to pay a processing charge is Rs.500/-

3. Margin: The margin on the two-wheeler loan is 10% of the total amount on road cost of the vehicle.

4. Insurance: In the case of a natural or accidental death of the borrower, he/she will have insurance from 'UCO Rin Jeevan Suraksha' to cover the outstanding loan.

5. Repayment: The repayment must complete in a maximum of 48 months. The full amount must be repaid in 48 EMIs.

6. Prepayment charges: There are no prepayment charges for the customer.


Q1. If I am a farmer, am I eligible to get a loan for two-wheeler from UCO Bank?

Yes, UCO has a unique scheme for catering to the agricultural borrower. To avail the loan, the borrower should provide sufficient proof of income to satisfy the Sanctioning Authority.

Q2. What happens with the borrower in the case of my early demise?

The borrower will be covered by the insurance provided by the bank in case of any sudden demise. It will include any outstanding loan that you have.

Q3. If I could pay the whole amount at a time during the period of my repayment, is it possible to pay back the full amount at once? Will I be charged for this?

No. you will are not liable to pay any prepayment charges.