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Dena Bank Two-Wheeler Loan
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The Dena Bank offers to credit for the purchase of two-wheeled vehicles given the importance of its need among the customers. The loan is accompanied by some lucrative features like high quantum of credit, nil prepayment charges, low-interest rates and much more.

Features of Dena Bank Bike Loan

1.Loan Amount:

One of the most significant features of applying for a two wheeler loan from Dena Bank is the high quantum of credit

2. Amount offered:

The customers can avail two-wheeler loans for an amount of Rs. 50 lakh to buy a vehicle of their choice.

3. Loan Margin:

In two-wheeler loans, there is a specific cost which must be borne by the customer. This cost is known as the loan margin. The loan margin for Dena Bank two-wheeler loans stands at 15%.

4. Disbursal of Loan:

The two-wheeler loans from Dena Bank shall be disbursed directly to the authorized dealer from whom the vehicle is being purchased.

5. Repayment Tenure:

Another lucrative feature of the two-wheeler loans from Dena Bank is the repayment period. The customers can repay their two-wheeler loans in higher mandate by a maximum of 60 months.

6. No Prepayment Charges:

There are no prepayment charges on prepayment two-wheeler loan, if the borrower prepays it before the due tenure.

7. Nominal Processing Charges:

The Dena Bank levies a nominal amount of Rs 250+ service tax as a processing fee for two-wheeler loans.

Interest Rate on Two-Wheeler Loan

The Dena Bank provides the lowest rates of interest on its two-wheeler loans. Presently, the rate of interest is levied on a free basis and differs for loans with a repayment period of under-36 months and over-36 months. For new two-wheelers with a repayment period of up to 3 years, the floating interest rate applicable is 12.45%. For two-wheeler loans with repayment tenure of over three years, the rate of interest is 12.70%.


To apply for a two-wheeler loan through Dena Bank, the applicant must have a minimum income of not less than Rs. 1 lakh per annum.


Q1. In the case of a Dena Bank two-wheeler loan, what does the bank requires for security?

Hypothecation of two-wheeler for which loan is taken is required with the bank.

Q2. On what criteria, will interest be charged for the Dena Bank two-wheeler loan?

Interest will be levied from daily reducing balance for this loan.