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Citi Bank Recurring Deposit Schemes & Interest Rates
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Get the Best Interest Rates for a Citibank Recurring Deposit 


General (%)

365 - 400 Days


401 - 540 Days


541 - 731 Days


Citibank provides excellent financial products and services to its millions of customers. It also offers attractive Recurring Deposit schemes which make saving money a lot easier for its customers. You can open an RD account with CitiBank with initial deposits as low as 1000 rupees per month. A maximum of 20,000 rupees can be deposited monthly in a CitiBank account each month. The deposit term in CitiBank ranges from 12-24 months and the most interesting feature of the CitiBank is that the money gets automatically transferred to the RD account from your salary/preferred bank account. The interest rate applicable on the time of opening an RD account remains the same throughout the tenure of the Recurring Deposit. CitiBank RD schemes are available only for people who are the existing customers of CitiBank. So, if you're not a CitiBank customer, but you wish to open an RD account with CitiBank, then you're first required to open a bank account with CitiBank

Citibank Short Term Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

The minimum tenure for which the customers can open an RD account is 365 days. A short-term tenure of 365-400 days fetches an interest rate of 7% annually for the deposits below one crore.

citibank Medium and Long-Term Recurring Deposit (RD) Interest Rates

The CitiBank offers RD for a maximum tenure of 24 months. Medium-term RD of tenure 401-540 days offers the same rate of interest as the short term Rd schemes, i.e., 7% per annum. However, the yield on the total deposit in case of medium-term RD is higher than the short-term RD, at 7.21%. For a tenure of 541-731 days which comes under the long-term RD, a much higher rate of interest is provided, 7.25%. The yield for a CitiBank Long-term RD stands at 7.58%