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Bharatiya Mahila Bank Recurring Deposit Schemes & Interest Rates

Get the Highest Interest rates on the Bharatiya Mahila Bank RD Schemes


Interest Rate P.A. ( %)

Senior Citizen Rates P.A. ( %)

1 year to 455 days



456 days to less than 2 years



2 years to less than 3 years



3 years to less than 5 years



5 years and upto 10 years



Bharatiya Mahila Bank primarily offers three types of RD schemes namely, BMB Sachayika Nidhi, BMB Flexi RD and BMB Komal Kali RD Scheme. These schemes can help the investors in saving money regularly by investing a  portion of their earnings for a fixed tenure. BMB Sanchayika Nidhi and BMB Flexi RD accounts can be opened by institutions, clubs, associations and individuals/minors or it can be opened through a joint account. A minor girl can open a BMB Komal Kali RD account either individually or with her guardian.

Deposits amounting to 100 rupees per month in the BMB Sanchayika Nidhi and the BMB Flexi Recurring Deposit accounts are required to be made for a tenure ranging from 1-10 years, the deposits of minimum 50 rupees per month in the Komal Kali RD accounts must be made for a minimum tenure of 3 years and a maximum tenure of 10 years. In the BMB Flexi RD account, the maximum amount that could be deposited each month is one lakh.

Short term RD Interest Rates for Bharatiya Mahila Bank

Short term RD account can be opened in the Bharatiya Mahila Bank for a tenure of 1-3 years which attracts an interest rate of 7.25% annually and the deposit must be less than a crore

Bharatiya Mahila Bank Medium and Long-Term Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Medium-term RD accounts can be opened with the bank for a tenure of 3-5 years and the long-term RD account can be opened for a tenure of 5-10 years. The interest rates provided for medium and long-term deposits is 7% for deposits amounting to less than a crore

Bharatiya Mahila Bank Senior Citizen Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Senior citizens are offered an additional interest rate of 0.5% annually in the Bharatiya Mahila RD schemes

Bharatiya Mahila Bank NRE Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

NRIs can open their accounts for tenures of short, medium and long-term and the rate of interest offered to them are the same as the interest rate offered on the domestic term deposits.

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