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Vijaya Bank RD Rates

Find The Best Rates for a Vijaya Bank Recurring Deposit

Vijaya Bank offers RD schemes at attractive interest rates. Customers can choose to make a small deposit each month and reap enormous benefits from it. The tenure for Vijaya Bank Recurring Deposit account ranges from 6 months-120 months. The minimum deposit that must be made by the account holder is 10 rupees and the remittances can be made in the multiples of 10. The maximum amount that can be deposited with the Vijaya Bank RD account is 10 times the core deposit amount.

Maturity Period Interest Rate (%) Senior Citizen (%)
270 days to less than 1 Yr 6.25 6.25
1Year 6.5 7
More than 1 Yr to less than 2 Yrs 6.5 7
2 Yrs 6.5 7
More than 2 Yrs to less than 3 Yrs 6.5 7
3 years to 5 Yrs 6.5 7
Above 5 Yrs 6.25 6.75

Vijaya Bank - Short Term Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Vijaya Bank RD with short tenures can be opened by the customers as well. The tenure ranges between 181 days-1 year and the interest rates offered by the banks on these deposits is 7% per annum. Fir tenures ranging from 1 year-3 years, the interest rate applicable is 7.25%

Vijaya Bank - Medium and Long-Term Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Medium and long-term deposits are one of the popular RD schemes of the Vijaya Bank. The medium-term RD scheme has a tenure varying from 35 years and the interest rate chargeable on these deposits is 7.25%. The long-term deposits have a tenure of 5 years or more and the interest rate applicable on these deposits is 7%

Vijaya Bank Other Recurring Deposit Schemes

Vijaya Bank offers a unique deposit scheme for all age groups. This RD scheme is known as the V Genuth Unnathi RD bank account. The deposit tenure varies from 36-120 months and the minimum amount that can be deposited is 50 rupees. Children above 18 years of age can open this account. If the account holder makes all his/her payments on times, then they can receive an additional interest rate of 0.25%. This hike in interest rate is shown at the end of the tenure.

Vijaya Bank - Senior Citizen Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Senior account holders can avail an additional interest rate of 0.5% per annum on their deposits. This additional benefit is applicable only applicable to RDs that are worth 1 crore or less for a deposit term ranging from 1-5 years. The interest rate applicable for senior citizens with an RD account with tenure ranging from 9-12 months is 7%. For tenure of 1 year, the interest rate applicable is 8%. For a tenure of 1-5 years, the interest rate applicable is 7.75%. For a deposit term exceeding 5 years, the interest rate applicable is 7.5%