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Yes Bank Deposit Schemes & Interest Rates

Find The Highest Interest Rates on Yes Bank Recurring Deposit

One of the popular investment options provided by YES Bank is its RD scheme. Regular RD scheme and NRE RD scheme are two of the popular Recurring Deposit schemes offered by YES Bank. The interest rate applicable to these schemes depends on the tenure and amount deposited in these accounts. The tenure for a YES Bank RD account varies from 6 months-10 years. For an investment below one crore, the interest rate generally varies from 7.25%-7.75% per annum.

Deposit Tenure ROI (% P.A.) ROI for Senior Citizens (% P.A.)
6 Months 7.00% 7.50%
9 Months 7.00% 7.50%
12 Months 7.10% 7.60%
15 Months 7.10% 7.60%
18 Months 7.10% 7.60%
21 Months 7.10% 7.60%
24 Months 7.10% 7.60%
Above 2 years upto 10 Years 7.10% 7.60%

Yes Bank Short-Term RD Interest Rates

The short-term RD accounts with YES Bank can be opened for a tenure of 6-9 months. The interest rate applicable to these deposits is 7.25%. For a tenure of 12-15 months, the interest rate applicable on the RDs is 7.75%

Yes Bank Medium and Long-Term RD Interest Rates

Customers can also open medium term and long term RD accounts with YES Bank. The medium-term Rd account has a tenure ranging from 18-24 months. For the tenure ranging from 18-21 months, the interest rate offered is 7.75%. The interest rate applicable on deposits amounting to less than a crore for deposit term ranging from 24 months-10 years is 7.75%

Yes Bank Senior Citizen RD Rates

Senior citizens can also avail additional benefits with YES Bank RD accounts. An additional interest rate of 0.5% applies to senior accounts. For an RD scheme with tenure ranging from 6-9 months, the interest rate offered by the bank is 7.75% and for a tenure of 12-15 months, the interest rate applicable is 8.25%. For an RD scheme with a tenure ranging from 18 months-10 years, the interest rate offered by YES Bank is 8.25%

Yes Bank NRI/NRE RD Interest Rates

YES Bank also provides NRE RD scheme at an interest rate of 7.75% for a deposit tenure of 12 months-10 years and installments amounting to less than 14,99,900 rupees.

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