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Bandhan Bank Recurring Deposit Schemes & Interest Rates
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The Recurring Deposit Schemes offered by Bandhan Bank enables them to save regularly and build a large sum of investments over time.

The interest rates provided by Bandhan Bank on RD varies from 6.4%-7.10% per annum. For senior citizens, Bandhan Bank offers interest rates on RD ranging from 7.15%-7.85% for a tenure of 2-10 years. Overall, senior citizens are offered an additional interest rate of 0.75% per annum. 


Regular RD Interest Rates (P.A)

Senior Citizen RD Interest Rates (P.A)

6 Months to Less than 1 Years



1 Year



Above 1 year to less than 2 years



2 Years to Less than 5 Years



5 Years to Less than 7 Years



7 Years up to 10 Years



Bandhan Bank Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Many RD schemes are offered by Bandhan Bank to the customers through which they can invest and earn lump sum amount at the time of maturity

The amount that can be collected at maturity by the depositor includes the principal amount and the compound interest payable. Bandhan Bank RD can also be availed by Residents of the country as well as NREs or Non-Resident Externals. The minimum deposit amount is 100 rupees and the tenure varies from 6 months- 10 years.

A nominal penalty fee is charged by Bandhan Bank on the late payment of the monthly fee. Also, an overdraft facility is provided to the depositors of Bandhan Bank with a tenure of 6 months or more

Bandhan Bank Short Term Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

The tenure for short-term recurring deposit experience a tenure ranging from 6 months-1 years. The interest rate charged ranges from 6.8%-7.00% per annum for the regular customers and the rate of interest applicable on senior citizens vary from 7.55%-7.75% per annum. The rates are applicable only on the deposits that are below one crore rupees.

Bandhan Bank Medium and Long-term Recurring Deposit Interest Rate

Bandhan Bank also provides medium and long-term interest rate whose tenure ranges from 1-5 years. The interest rate applicable to these recurring deposits varies from 7%-7.10% per annum for regular customers and 7.8%-7.85% for senior citizens.

The long-term recurring deposits of Bandhan Bank ranges form 5-10 years. An interest rate of 6.4% is paid by Bandhan Bank to the depositors upon maturity and the senior citizens receive an interest rate of 7.15%

Bandhan Bank NRO/NRE Recurring Deposit Interest Rate

The bank also provides Recurring Deposit scheme to Non-Resident Ordinary and Non-Resident External individuals. The NRE deposits have the same tenure as the regular recurring deposits, short-term, medium-term and long-term deposits.

Short term RD for an NRO depositor allows the individual to reap an interest rate of 7% for regular citizen and 7.75% for senior citizens and the minimum tenure is 1 year.

The medium-term Recurring Deposit for NRE/NRO has a tenure of 2-5 years and the interest rate applicable is 7.40% for regular citizens and 8.15% for senior citizens.

The long-term tenure pays the depositor an interest rate of 6.40% for regular citizens and 7.15% for senior citizens for tenure ranging from 5-10 years.

Bandhan Bank Recurring Deposit Senior Citizens Interest Rate

The interest amount received by the senior citizens is higher than the regular citizens under the regular deposit schemes of Bandhan Bank. Depositors above the age of 60 are considered to be senior citizens and they generally receive 0.75% higher rate of interest than regular depositors.

FAQ on Bandhan Bank Recurring Deposit

Who can open a recurring deposit account with Bandhan bank?

The following individuals can open a recurring deposit account with Bandhan Bank:

  • Minor under the supervision of a legal guardian
  • Proprietorships, partnership organization, commercial organization, trusts, associations, clubs and societies
  • An adult with proper identity and address proof

What is the minimum amount that needs to be deposited in a recurring deposit account with Bandhan Bank?

The minimum amount that must be deposited in Bandhan Bank for opening a Recurring Deposit Account is 100 rupees

What is the minimum tenure for which the money must be deposited in a recurring deposit account with Bandhan Bank?

The minimum tenure for which money has to be deposited in an RD account with Bandhan bank is 6 months.

What are the ways in which an individual can open an RD account with Bandhan bank?

An individual can visit the Bandhan Bank website or visit the nearest branch and submit the form.

Which documents must be submitted while opening a recurring deposit account in Bandhan Bank?

The following documents are required to be submitted while applying for Bandhan Bank

  • Passport size
  • Application form
  • PAN card, ID card and proof of address
  • KYC documents