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CitiBank is the second oldest private-sector bank in India. CitiBank was established in the year 1902 in Kolkata and has expanded since then to 19 cities with 35 fully operational branches and over 500 ATMs across the country. CitiBank has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The bank is a subsidiary of CitiGroup - a financial MNC headquartered in New York City, United States. CitiBank is one of the premier banking institutions and offers a host of premier banking services such as corporate banking, consumer banking, investment banking, wealth management, and securities brokerage.

As a premier banking institution in India, here are the products and services offered by CitiBank.

  • CitiBank credit cards

  • CitiBank debit cards

  • CitiBank savings accounts

  • CitiBank fixed deposits

  • CitiBank home loans

  • CitiBank personal loans

  • CitiBank NRI accounts

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CitiBank Facilities

In addition to the various financial products, CitiBank also offers several facilities that are intended to enrich its customer experience, which are listed below.

CitiBank IFSC Code

The CitiBank IFSC code is used for various electronic financial transactions for IndusInd customers. Each branch of CitiBank has a unique code. The first four letters are CITI, and the last six letters represent the branch code. An example would be CITI0002027.

CitiBank Home Loans

Hundreds of families aspire to own their home someday. CitiBank helps these families by providing affordable home loan solutions to buy a house. CitiBank home loans are designed to cater to every home needs of their customers with these benefits:     

  1. Attractive and affordable interest rates

  2. High loan amounts up to Rs. 10 crores

  3. Flexible repayment tenures up to a maximum of 25 years.

  4. LTV of home loans up to 80% of the property value.

  5. Flexibility to pay the interest only during the construction period

  6. Interest calculated on daily reducing balance.

  7. No co-borrowers/guarantors required.

  8. A dedicated CitiPhone platform to answer all customer queries.

  9. Online access to customers’ home loan accounts.                                    

  10. Home loans also available for purchases of under construction property.           

CitiBank Personal Loans

Customers can avail CitiBank personal loans to finance all types of financial requirements such as cash crunch, meeting wedding expenses, vacation expenses, education expenses, or to fund an expensive purchase. Personal loans can also be used to pay off accumulated credit card debts. Here are a few benefits of personal loans from CitiBank.

  1. Competitive interest rates.

  2. Low processing fees.

  3. Low prepayment charges.

  4. Simple terms and conditions.

  5. High loan amounts of up to Rs. 30 lakhs.

  6. Flexible repayment tenures.

CitiBank NRI Account

CitiBank is also a one-stop banking destination for NRI customers and has come up with unique global products. CitiBank has come up with specially designed savings accounts for the global Indians. These accounts offer easy access and seamless transfer of funds across the world and back to India. There are two types of NRI savings accounts provided by CitiBank.

  • Non-Resident External savings account (NRE)

  • Non-Resident Ordinary savings account (NRO)

CitiBank Credit cards

CitiBank offers a wide range of credit cards for all types of customers. Citibank credit cards can be used for many purposes such as in travel, shopping, dining, movies, fuel top-ups, and more. Here are a few significant benefits of being a CitiBank credit card holder.

  • CitiBank offers massive rewards on their credit cards which can be redeemed against a wide range of vouchers and merchandise.

  • Travel cards provide a large number of complimentary airport lounge visits to the users along with complimentary air miles earnings which can be utilized for booking flight tickets for more than 90 airlines.

  • The bank also offers corporate credit cards that are apt for streamlining corporate expenses for businesses.

  • It also ensures seamless bill payment by providing several modes of payment.

  • CitiBank also offers dedicated customer service for its customers to answer to their queries and complaints 24/7.

CitiBank Debit Cards

CitiBank debit cards are given complimentary with CitiBank savings account. These cards can be used to withdraw money from any ATM across the country.  Different types of debit cards are allotted to different savings account, and each card has been given various features. Here are the savings accounts with their own debit cards. All the debit cards are chip-based cards secured with a PIN that makes them safer for use.

  • Citi Gold World Debit Card for CitiGold Account holders

  • Citi Priority World Debit Card for Citi Priority Account holders

  • Citibank Platinum Debit Card for Citibank® Savings Account holders.

CitiBank Fixed Deposits

CitiBank offers secured fixed deposits schemes that provide its customers with higher earnings and the flexibility of easy maintenance of funds through seamless cash withdrawals. CitiBank FD schemes have the following benefits.

  • Customers can start an FD with an amount as low as Rs. 1,000

  • Flexible tenures

  • Attractive interest rates

  • Short lock-in periods

  • Quick liquidity options

  • FD account linked to the customer’s savings or current account to add to the customer’s Net Relationship Value (NRV) with CitiBank.

CitiBank Savings Account

Citi Bank offers the following types of savings accounts for its customers.

  • Citigold Private Client Savings Account

  • Citigold Savings Account  

  • Citigold Priority Savings Account

  • Citibank Savings Account.

These savings accounts have separate features and benefits to suit the needs of varied customers. A common goal of the accounts is to save money and earn interest on the saved money. A complimentary debit card is given to all the account holders for making cashless transactions on-the-go. Reward points are also offered on using the debit cards to make purchases. A dedicated customer service team is committed to listen to customer’s queries and resolve them at the earliest.