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How To Apply Passport Application at PSK ?
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Traveling around the world has become extremely common nowadays. Owing to better connectivity, the reliability of information available and pocket-friendly travel options, people can easily pack their bags and take off to explore the world very easily. However, before planning an international trip, the most critical requirement is a passport. This crucial document is the most important ticket out of India. It is impossible for visitors to travel to different countries without a passport. It is an official document issued by the Indian government that allows the citizens to travel abroad under the country’s protection.

One may choose to apply for a Passport online by visiting the official website of Passport Seva or do it offline by visiting the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) office. Once all the necessary forms are filled and submitted, applicants are required to attend an interview at the nearest PSK on a designated date. This article elaborates the processes that applicants must go through once their appointment is scheduled.

  • After submitting the application form, you must pay the processing fee and then choose a date and time for the appointment at the PSK. On the scheduled date, you have to reach the PSK slightly early and await your turn.

  • After entering the PSK, you will be subjected to a security check. Once you are cleared at the security desk, you can enter the pre-processing area.

  • You will be given a token, which contains a number which will be henceforth used for sequential processing of all applications.

  • Wait until your token number is displayed on the screen. The screen will also display the counter where you need to report to.

PSK Counter A

  • Once your number is displayed, you must proceed to the designated counter. Here, a Citizen Service Executive(CSE) will ask you to hand over your documents. He/she will scan and upload the documents onto the passport Seva System. Your photograph will be clicked, and your fingerprints will also be recorded.

  • In case you have any pending fee to be paid, you will be asked to make the payment in cash. Then the CSE will print your personal details and give you for verification and signature. Once you verify and sign the document, it will be uploaded into the system.

  • You must then exit the counter and wait for your turn to visit the next counter.

PSK Counter B

  • When your token number is called out again, you will have to visit the designated counter. Here, a Verification Officer (VO) will check and verify all your documents thoroughly. Once the scrutiny and verification is completed, you will be asked to wait again for further proceedings.

PSK Counter C

  • As you visit this counter, a Granting Officer (GO) will take a look at your application procedure and decide whether all processes have been properly completed.

  • The Officer will decide if the Passport can be granted or not.

  • After this, you will be asked to head to the Exit Counter.

  • Here, you will receive an acknowledgment letter.  The document must be kept carefully as it can help in tracking the application status.

Applicants must note that once the application form has been successfully submitted through all the necessary procedures and the final status is ‘Granted’, the Passport will proceed for printing. If the passport is granted with a "pre-police verification" status, the Passport will be dispatched only after a police report is provided to the Passport Office by the local police station of the applicant's residence. If the passport is granted with a "post police verification" status, the Passport will be dispatched and received by the applicant, following which a police verification will be conducted. In case of any additional queries, applicants may reach out to the Passport Seva Kendra directly or through any of the helpline numbers.