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Indian Passport for Children of Indian Parents who are Born Abroad

Whether you are a non-resident Indian (NRI) or an overseas citizen of India (OCI), if you are of Indian origin then your children are entitled to Indian citizenship, even when the child was born in another country. A simple process can get you an Indian passport for the child. 

Earlier there was a provision for traveling with children if their names were endorsed in the passport of the parents. However, that norm has become an obsolete one now and children are issued separate passports nowadays. An Indian passport for children below 18 years is typically valid for 5 years. 

If your child was born abroad, he/she may be entitled to the citizenship of the country of birth. Additionally, the child will also be entitled to Indian citizenship by descent. In order to claim Indian citizenship, the following process has to be followed. 

The first step would be to register the birth of the child at the Indian Mission in the concerned country. After that, one may apply for the passport online or in person or through the mail.  

Applying Online

  • An applicant or his/her parents/guardian must first register the applicant at the official portal of Passport Seva.
  • Every applicant will be allowed to set up a unique ID and password.
  • One must log in with the ID and password.
  • One must select from the two options - Fresh and Reissue.
  • During the application process, one must also select the option “Passport for Children up to 18 years of age” wherever applicable.
  • The application form must be filled and submitted online.
  • The payment process has to be completed.
  • One must book an appointment with the Consular Office in the concerned country.
  • One has to print out the application form and then visit the Consular Office on the scheduled day with all the necessary documents. 

Applying in Person

  • Download the application form from the official website of Passport Seva, fill it up and print it.
  • Make an appointment with the application center. The facility is available online.
  • Go to the Consular Office with all the necessary documents along with the application form.
  • Both the parents must be present. In case either parent is unable to make it, then a letter of authorization or consent must be provided by him/her, granting the authority to the other parent.
  • The Consular Office will scrutinize, cross check and verify the application as well as the attached documents before processing it. 

Applying by Mail

  • Enclose the application form and the relevant documents and send them to the consular office.
  • The mail may be sent irrespective of appointment data.
  • Make sure that the application is sent through a certified mail that generates a return receipt, as the Indian passport application Center has no way of acknowledging applications received through post.
  • In case of mail applications, all applications are treated equally.
  • The Consulate Office cannot be held responsible if the application or documents are lost, misplaced or damaged by a travel agent or a postal service.
  • The passport, when issued, will be sent to the address mentioned in the application. In case the address is changed during the course of the application, a separate form must be filled up for the change of address and then the passport will be dispatched to the new address. 


  • The child must be born to parents of Indian origin.
  • The child should be less than 18 years of age.
  • The child must not have a Passport of any other country. 

Documents Required 

  • Application form - duly filled and notarized.
  • Birth Certificate - notarized copy.
  • Extract from the birth register issued by an Indian Mission in the concerned country.
  • In case the child is on 'Adjustment of Status (I-485)', then a copy of the I-485 receipt along with the parents EAD is required.
  • Proof of residence - in the parent's name
  • Applicant’s ID issued by the concerned country
  • Notarized copies of the first as well as last page of both the parents’ passports
  • Notarized copies of valid visa of both the parents (if applicable)
  • If the parents are either legally separated or divorced, a photocopy of their divorce certificate, as well as the custodianship court order, has to be submitted
  • If one of the parents has passed away, a photocopy of the death certificate is required
  • Notarized NOC or affidavit from both the parents


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