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Income Tax Online and Offline Payment Using Challan 280
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Challan 280 or ITNS 280 is a form generated online by the income tax department, which needs to be filled for the e-payment of income tax. It makes the payment of income tax a lot easier for a salaried employee since there are no transaction costs involved in the entire process. ITNS 280 can be used to make income tax payments like self-assessment tax, advance tax, surcharge, regular assessment tax and tax on distributed profits and distributed income.

How to make income tax payment through challan 280

You can make your income tax payment using challan 280 via offline or online mode.

Online mode of income tax payment:

  1. Visit > Services > e-payment

  2. Choose the option challan 280.

  3. You'll now be redirected to the challan 280 form.

  4. Choose the option (0021)INCOME-TAX (OTHER THAN COMPANIES)- this option is valid for individuals.

  5. Enter all the other necessary details on the form like- PAN details, residential address, e-mail ID and the phone number.

  6. Choose the type of tax that you are paying i.e, self-assessment tax, advance tax etc number.

  7. Choose the bank through which you would like to make the payment.

  8. Fill the captcha code.

  9. Review all the information and then click on proceed.

  10. After you click on proceed, you be redirected to the bank netbanking page.

  11. Enter your credentials and login to your netbanking account.

  12. Make the payment.

  13. You get a counterfoil slip in PDF form for the payment of the income tax.

  14. Take a printout or download a PDF copy for your future reference.

Offline mode of income tax payment:

In order to pay your income tax offline by using challan 280, you need to download challan 280 from income tax website. After downloading the challan, take a printout. Fill in the details like- residential address, PAN details, assessment year, e-mail ID and phone number. In order to complete your payment of income tax, you need to deposit the amount that you have to pay in the bank.

How to pay income tax online

E-payment of income tax is a easier way to make income tax payment. It involves minimal paperwork and you dont need to visit the income tax department or the bank to complete your income tax payment. Moreover, its mandatory for few sections of the taxpayers to make income tax payment online. It includes - companies, all the individuals who come under the provisions of section 44AB of the Income tax Act, 1961.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make income tax payment online:

  1. Visit, which is the online portal for income tax payment.

  2. Under Services, click on the tab e-payment.

  3. Select the challan that is relevant for your income category (ITNS 280/ITNS 281/ITNS 282/ITNS 283/ITNS 284) or form 26QB demand payment (for TDS on property sale, as applicable)

  4. Enter your PAN/TAN details and other necessary details like accounting head under which payment is being made, address of the taxpayer and the bank through which the payment has been being made.

  5. Your PAN details will be verified by the income tax department.

  6. After the verification process, you will be redirected to the bank netbanking webpage.

  7. Login to your netbanking account using your credentials.

  8. Make your payment.

  9. Download the e-receipt containing details of CIN, account details and bank details, which can be used further reference.

Benefits of paying income tax online

  1. Hassle-free procedure

  2. Minimal paperwork

  3. You can pay your income tax from any location which could be convenient for you.

  4. A legible counterfoil/e-receipt is received on making the payment. Since the receipt is generated in electronic medium, losing or misplacing it would not be a concern.

  5. You can check if the payment made by you, has reached the income tax department by visiting the income tax department website.

How to check income tax refund status online

A person is eligible for income tax refund if he/she has filed a greater amount of tax than their actual tax liability to the government. The causes for a tax refund could be:

  1. Advance tax deducted from the income is greater than the total liability of the taxpayer.

  2. Self-assessment tax deducted from the income is larger than the taxpayer liability.

  3. TDS deducted from the taxpayer income is greater than his/her total tax liability.

Steps to check your income tax refund status:

  1. Login to NSDL-TIN website.

  2. Enter your PAN details and assessment year.

  3. The status of your income tax refund will be displayed on the screen.

Due date for filing income tax online for the FY 2018-19:

  1. 31st July 2019 for individuals.

  2. 30th September 2019 for companies/businesses.

ITR forms: Which one to file?

ITR form or income tax return form is used by an individual to file income tax with the income tax department. There are upto nine types of ITR forms which can be used by an assessee to file for income tax return. The ITR form is filed with the internal revenue service or the state tax board, reporting your income, profits and losses.

Types of ITR forms

  1. ITR-1

  2. ITR-V 

  3. ITR-2

  4. ITR-2A

  5. ITR-3

  6. ITR-4

  7. ITR-4S

  8. ITR-5

  9. ITR-6

  10. ITR-7

As per Central Board of Direct Taxes, the only types of ITR forms that are concerned with the filing of taxes by individuals are ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-2A, ITR-3, ITR-4 and ITR 4S

The types of ITR forms that are concerned with companies and businesses are ITR-5, ITR-6 and ITR-7.