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Bangalore Property Tax
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If you buy any property in Bangalore, then the Indian Laws requires you to pay property tax in Bangalore. The ability to pay the tax online has made the process of paying the property tax a lot easier for the taxpayers. The property tax can be paid online in banks that are dedicated to collect property tax or Bangalore 1 centers.

BBMP Property Tax Forms

There are six forms which are considered essential in paying taxes in Bangalore. The Forms are namely I, II, III, IV, V and VI.

Form I

Form I is filed by an assessee when the individual has a Property Identification Number. The PID is a unique ID that is assigned to each property owner. It contains information regarding the location of the property

Form II

Form II is used when the owner doesn't have Khatha Number. Khatha Certificate is issued to the property owner having the details that are relevant to the property.

Form III

If a person doesn't have Khatha or PID, they can file their property tax in form III

Form IV

If there is no change in the property details, Form IV can be used to file the property tax. For instance, if there have been no changes in the size of the property and the income earned by the assessee, this form can be filed.

Form V

If there is a change in the property concerning its size or the classification of the property, the assessee will be required to file

Form VI

This form is used when the property is exempted from paying any taxes. Even if a property owner is exempted from paying property tax, they will still be required to pay service charge. The service charge can be paid by using this form.

Points to Remember while Calculating Property Tax

  1. Car parking cannot be considered as the property. The area that comes under car parking is excluded from the built-up area.

  2. If you occupy the residential property, then you can mention in the form that it is self-occupied and calculate the taxes that will be incurred.

  3. If you have demolished a building, you'll still be eligible to pay property tax

  4. A monthly cess of 2% is included in the property tax for every property owner.

  5. The property tax can be paid quarterly, annually or biannually.

  6. If the property tax is being paid in two installments, then the assessee is required to submit two applications.

  7. Only payments up to 1000 Rupees can be paid in cash. Any amount exceeding One Thousand Rupees will be required to pay by Cheque or Demand Draft.

  8. How to Pay Property Tax in Bangalore

  9. The property tax can be paid through the manual method or online in Bangalore

  10. You'll be required to fill up the application forms and submit them in authorized centers. The payment can be made through cash, Demand Draft, Cheque or Credit/Debit Card. The Centres where you can submit the application form are:

    1. Bangalore 1 Centre

    2. ARO Offices

  11. The banks which are authorized by the Government to collect property taxes are:

    1. Canara Bank

    2. Corporation Bank

    3. HDFC Bank

    4. IDBI Bank

    5. IndusInd Bank

    6. Indian Overseas Bank

    7. ING Vyasya

    8. Kotak Mahindra Bank

How to make BBMP Property Tax Payment Online

To pay your taxes online, you need your old and new Property Identification Number or the application Number. When you have all the details, you can visit the BBMP website and make the payment of due taxes online.

BBMP Property Tax Receipt

Tax receipt issued by BBMP contains details of the payment. The details contained includes the application Number, location of payment made, assessment year, amount of taxes payable, the total cess that is applicable and the information regarding any advances that have been paid.

If the payment is made through cash, demand draft or credit/debit card, then the receipt is issued immediately. If the payment is made online, the receipt is electronically which can be kept for further reference.