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PAN card for individual/company
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PAN card on NSDL

PAN card services provided by TIN-NSDL

  1. Facility to apply for PAN card online

  2. Reprint PAN card with revised details, i.e, PAN correction

  3. PAN status inquiry

How to submit PAN card application online

Indian residents can apply for PAN online by submitting form 49A which is available on the TIN-NSDL website. The following details are required in order to fill the PAN application form online-

  1. Full name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Gender

  4. Details of parents

  5. Details of residential and office address

  6. Marital status of the applicant

  7. Contact details of the applicant

  8. Source of income

  9. Name and address of the assessee

  10. Proof of identity an address

  11. Signature/left thumb impression

How to make online payment via TIN NSDL

If you're a resident of India, you can make an online payment via TIN NSDL website using any of the following modes-

  1. Credit Card

  2. Debit Card

  3. Netbanking

  4. Demand Draft

(For delivering PAN card in India, the fee is 110 and for delivery of PAN card outside India the fee is 1020)

If the payment made is successful, an acknowledgment will be displayed on the screen. The following information will be displayed on the screen:

15-digit unique PAN acknowledgment code

  1. Category of the PAN applicant

  2. Applicant's Name

  3. Applicant's father's name

  4. Date of Birth/ Incorporation of the individual/company

  5. Payment details

  6. Aadhar Number

  7. Details of identity and address proof

If you're not a resident of India, you can apply for PAN online by filling up the form 49AA. You'll be required to fill up the following details in order to complete the application process-

  1. AO code

  2. Full name

  3. Gender

  4. Date of Birth/Date of Incorporation

  5. Details of parents

  6. Residential and office address

  7. Telephone number and e-mail ID

  8. Status of the applicant

  9. Registration number

  10. Source of income

  11. Name and address of the representative assessee

  12. ISD of the country of citizenship

How to file corrections in PAN card online

The details required to file corrections in PAN via TIN NSDL website are-

  1. Full name

  2. Name (as desired on the PAN card)

  3. Date of birth/incorporation of the individual/company

  4. Details of photo/address/signature mismatch

  5. Telephone number and e-mail ID

  6. Aadhar number

  7. Details of any other PAN which is allotted to an individual

  8. Signature/left thumb impression

Payment procedure for NSDL PAN card correction form

  1. Once the relevant form is printed, you need to affix photographs on the form

  2. If you're paying by Demand Draft, attach the receipt with the form

  3. Attach copies of your identity and resident proof

  4. Sign the document

  5. Put the form and required documents in the envelope labeled "APPLICATION FOR PAN CORRECTION REQUEST' along with your 15-digit acknowledgment number

  6. Ensure that the application form reached within 15 days of filling up the online application form

  7. On successful processing, your PAN card will be dispatched within 15 days of application

How to track NSDL PAN Application Status

  1. Visit NSDL PAN/TAN status tracking portal

  2. Select "application type'

  3. Enter your 15-digit PAN acknowledgment number

  4. Enter your name and date of birth

  5. Click on "submit'

  6. Your PAN application status will be viewed


PAN card services provided y UTIITSL

  1. Apply for a new PAN card via form 49A

  2. Apply for a new PAN card via form 49AA

  3. Apply for change/correction in PAN details

  4. PSA login

  5. PAN verification

  6. Search for AO details

  7. Information on PAN centers

New PAN application for Indian residents

There are two methods by which Indian residents can apply for PAN, by using a regular signature or by using a digital signature.

  1. Using regular signature to apply for PAN

    If you don't have a digital signature certificate, then you can fill the form 49A, make the payment online and then submit the form along with required documents to the nearest UTIITSL office.

  2. Using digital signature to apply for PAN

    The applicant can use his/her digital signature to apply for PAN as well. He/she can fill up the form and submit it along with the relevant documents and an e-copy of their digital signature on UTIITSL website.

    The online payment gateways provided by UTIITSL are PayU and BillDesk. On the successful payment, the applicant may take a print-out of the copies of the application form along with relevant documents and submit it to the nearby UTIITSL office.

New PAN application for Non-Indian Residents

A Non-Indian Resident may submit the PAN application form 49AA through the UTIITSL website. The following details need to be provided in the form-

  1. Name

  2. Residential and office address

  3. Contact details like telephone number and email ID

  4. Country of citizenship and its ISD code

  5. Documents linked with identity and address proof

  6. Source of income

Along with the details mentioned above, there's a need to provide "KYC Details' for an NRI or a foreign nation in general. The following details come under the purview of KYC details

  1. In case of an individual, you're supposed to fill in marital status, occupational status and citizenship status

  2. In case of a company, they're supposed to provide details on which occupation they fall under

  3. Gross annual income

  4. A company needs to reveal whether its listed under stock exchange or not

  5. The applicant needs to state whether they're politically exposed or not

Change/Correction in PAN card through UTIITSL

The UTIITSL web-portal also provides services to change or make any corrections in the PAN details of the PAN owner. An individual/company who wishes to change or make any corrections to their PAN details need to fill up the CSF form. The CSF form can be filled in two methods, by using a digital signature or by not using a digital signature.

On the website, there's a need to fill up all the details. Against each required detail on the form, there's a tick-box. If the applicant wishes to make any correction or changes in that particular detail, they need to tick on the box. The applicant also needs to provide a proof of FIR lodged regarding correction in PAN, a copy of their PAN card and a copy of their allotment number.

For individuals/companies that had applied for PAN by using digital signature need to upload the digital copies of their documents online along with their scanned photographs and scanned signature.

The final procedure for submitting the CSF form for individuals/companies that do not have a digital signature is by following the steps described below in order to complete the procedure for change/correction in PAN details-

  1. Affix two passport-sized photographs on the form

  2. Provide your signature, wherever mentioned on the application form

  3. Attach a copy of the relevant documents which serve as identity and residential proof

  4. Submit the form to your nearby UTIITSL office

How to track PAN card application status on UTIITSL

  1. Visit UTIITSL online portal for checking PAN card status

  2. Enter your Application Coupon Number or PAN number

  3. Enter numeric captcha

  4. Click on "Submit'

  5. Details of the status of your PAN card will be viewed on the screen

Region Address Phone Number
PAN PDC Incharge - Mumbai region
  1. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
  2. lot No. 3, Sector 11, CBD Belapur
  3. AVI MUMBAI - 400614
PAN PDC Incharge - Kolkata region
  1. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
  2. 29, N. S. Road, Ground Floor,
    Opp. Gilander House and Standard Chartered Bank,
    KOLKATA - 700001
(033) 22108959 / 22424774
PAN PDC Incharge - Chennai region
  1. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
  2. STC Trade Centre, First Floor, A-29,
    Thiru- Vi- Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy
    CHENNAI - 600032
(044) 22500426
PAN PDC Incharge - New Delhi region
  1. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
  2. Ground Floor, Jeevan Tara Building,
    Opp. Patel Chowk Metro Station, 5 Parliament Street
    NEW DELHI - 110001