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e-Way Bill
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E-way bill or Electronic bill is required for the movement of certain goods from one location to another which can be interstate or intrastate and the value of consignment should be Rs50,000 or more.An e-Way bill can generated either from the e-Way bill portal on GST website or through SMS or site to site integration(API Interface).A unique E-Way bill (EBN) number is alloted after the bill generation to which a supplier, transporter and the recipient of the consignment will have the access. 

Prerequisites for Generating e-Way Bill: 

  1. Any person who generates the e-Way bill should be registered on GST portal and in e-Way portal.

  2. If the transporter is not registered under GST portal, it’s mandatory for him to register under e-Way Portal.

  3. The person who is generating the e-Way bill must have tax invoice or delivery challan or Transporter’s Id, vehicle number in which goods are transported. 

Note: There are some goods for which e-Way bill is mandatory even if the consignment value is less than Rs 50,000. These are:

  1. A dealer who is moving goods from one state to another and exempted from GST registration.

  2. A job worker involved in the interstate movement of goods in addition to Principal manufacturer or brand owner. 

Exemptions on e-Way Bill: 

  1. The non-motor vehicle used as the mode of transport.

  2. Goods transportation from Bhutan to Nepal.

  3. Goods transported under customs supervision.

  4. Empty cargo containers

  5. Movement of goods under ministry of finance.

  6. The central government, state government or any authority transporting goods by rail.

  7. Goods which are exempted from e-Way bill requirements.

  8. Goods transported from place of business at a distance of 20 kms along with delivery challan.

  9. Goods which are already exempted from e-Way bill requirements in the state/UT. 

Note: If the distance is within 50kms in intrastate between the consignee and the consigner, then they don’t need to fill Part-B of the form. 

How to Generate e-Way Bill? 

It can be generated by four ways:

  1. Online through portal

  2. Through SMS

  3. Android app: The IMEI of the phone and registered mobile number need to submit

  4. Excel based upload for bulk generation 

Steps by Steps Procedure to Generate e-Way bill online: 

  1. Enter the username,password and the captcha code in the homepage.

  2. Click on ’Generation new’ under e-Way bill section.

  3. If you are the receiver of the consignment select ‘inward’ or ‘outward’ being a supplier.

  4. For selecting ‘Inward’, here are the options:

    1. Supply

    2. Import

    3. SKD/CKD

    4. Job work returns

    5. For own use

  5. Enter the document type, date, consignment details, location( from and to) and the transporter details.

  6. After entering the details, click on ‘submit’ button.