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Dhanlaxmi Bank Savings Account
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Dhanlaxmi Bank was established in 1927. It is a private sector bank that offers private banking, investment banking, commercial banking, mortgage, retail banking, and credit cards alongside other products. It is headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala. The bank has nearly 300 branches across the country. The bank launched Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum and Gold Credit cards in March 2010.

Types of Dhanlaxmi Bank Savings Accounts

  1. Dhanam Vanitha Savings Account: This account is meant for women so that they can secure their financial future. This account provides the women account holders with a variety of features and facilities such as free SMS, internet and phone banking services, a huge POS limit of Rs. 75000 per day, etc. If the account balance exceeds Rs. 25000, then the bank converts the amount into a Fixed Deposits, which further increases the revenue obtained from the account. All these facilities are available in exchange of maintaining a monthly average balance of Rs. 500.
  2. Dhanam Preferred Savings Account: This account can be opened by individuals, minors, trusts, societies, etc. It offers the account holders an ATM withdrawal limit of Rs. 50000 per day, apart from an easy access to money through its vast network of branches. An account holder is eligible for 5 free NEFT and RTGS fund transfers in a month.  Cash withdrawals and deposits of up to Rs. 100000 per day are allowed at non base branches.
  3. Dhanam + and ++ Savings Accounts: These accounts give the benefits of a term deposit along with a savings account. It offers convenience coupled with good dividends. Customers are eligible for flexible term deposits. The interest on eligible units would are paid based on the existing interest rates for term deposits. Account holders also receive a free cheque-book.
  4. Dhanam Basic Savings Account: A no-frills, zero balance account, this account strives to provie all customers with access to basic banking facilities like withdrawals and deposits. There is no requirement for maintaining a minimum balance. The account holders receive a debit card with free withdrawals from ATMs of all banks. This account is meant for resident Indians and can be opened individually or jointly, but it cannot be opened by NRIs.
  5. Dhanam Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (Small): This zero-balance account aims to make banking accessible to everybody. The account is free from any maintenance charges. Account holders can apply for it through KYC norms. Adults can open this account singly as well as jointly, but minor accounts can be opened by a guardian only. The balance in this account cannot exceed Rs.50000 at any point in time.
  6. Dhanam Yuvak Savings Account: Exclusively designed individuals in between the ages of 18 and 35 years, this account aims to encourage the youth to save for a secure financial future. The account holders get access to the entire premier banking facilities such as internet banking, fund transfer through NEFT and RTGS, phone banking, ECS, email alerts as well as e-statements, at no extra charge. They may also apply for a debit or credit card.
  7. Dhanam Premium Savings Account: This account offers a lot of perks and privileges. Individuals, trusts, clubs, societies and associations are eligible for free unlimited transactions at any ATMs, in addition to ten free fund transfers via NEFT and RTGS each per month.
  8. Dhaman Privilege Savings Account: The account holders can withdraw cash up to Rs. 50000 and also enjoy a POS limit of Rs.100000 in a day from this account. Fund transfers made through NEFT and RTGS are free of charge with this account. The account holders receive a personalized cheque-book in every quarter at no extra charge.
  9. Smart Salary Savings Account: This savings account by Dhanlaxmi Bank is targeted at salaried employees.  It provides the benefits of two free pay orders and five free NEFT and RTGS transactions per month. This is a zero balance account and does not require any minimum account balance. Account holders can also apply for a debit card.
  10. Regular Savings Account: This account by Dhanlaxmi bank offers the account holders the ease of access and prime quality service through the pan-India branches of the bank. The account holders can enjoy doorstep banking facilities with free non-cash transactions at any bank.
  11. Dhanam Genius: This scheme was launched by the bank to raise awareness among parents to save money for the future of their children. The money could come in use for the children’s education, marriage, etc. This scheme is open to all resident Indian parents and guardians who have a child in between 10 and 23 years of age. This savings account requires a minimum balance of Rs.500. The auto-sweep facility can be availed whenever the account balance exceeds Rs.5000 in order to increase the returns. The account holders may get a personalized ATM card by paying a one-time charge of Rs.200. The account provides two free NEFT or RTGS transactions each month and has a daily withdrawal or POS limit of Rs.5000.

Minimum Balance Requirements for Dhanlaxmi Bank Savings Accounts

Savings Account

Monthly Minimum Balance requirement

Dhanam Vanitha


Dhanam Preferred


Dhanam + and ++


DHanam Basic Savings


Dhanam Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account-Small


Dhanam Yuvak


Dhanam Premium


Dhanam Privilege


Smart Salary Savings Account


Regular Savings Account


Documents Required to Open a Savings Account

  • Identity Proof: Passport, driver’s license with validity,
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, Voter ID card, Aadhaar Card, Government-issued photo identity card, NREGA Card, etc.
  • Address Proof: Passport, driver’s license, passbook of another bank, electricity or phone bills, ration card, etc.
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Application form 


These are the eligibility criteria for a Dhanlaxmi Bank Savings Accounts:

  • Resident Indian
  • Trusts, associations, government bodies, religious institutions, clubs, etc.