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DCB Bank Savings Account
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DCB Bank is a small private sector bank established in 1930. It has its headquarters in Mumbai. It focuses on serving individuals, as well as small and medium businesses. It has around 300 branches across its network of branches in India. DCB Bank offers the DCB PayLess Credit Card and the DCB Smart Credit facilities to its customers. 

Types of DCB Bank Savings Account 

Elite Savings Account

This is a unique account for privileged customers. It has a lot of powerful benefits as well as innovative services. Account holders get the liberty to choose the last 8 digits of their 14-digit bank account number. 

Privilege Savings Account

This account offers the greatest convenience, flexibility and returns to account holders. Customers are asked to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 5 lakhs. However, it can be spread across savings accounts, fixed deposits and mutual funds or insurance availed through DCB Bank. 

CashBack Savings Account

Customers get cashback up to Rs 6000 in a financial year for each purchase made using the DCB CashBack debit card. This privilege is exclusive to DCB CashBack savings account holders. 

Classic Savings Account

This account is easy to maintain, and it promises a lot of benefits. It has all the quintessential features of a regular savings account. A minimum balance of Rs. 5000 must be kept in the account so that customers can use this account for convenient transactions. 

Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

This account is easy to maintain as well as to use since it is a zero balance account and hence iquite hassle-free. The account offers primary banking facilities along with the basic features of savings account. 

Family Savings Account

Being an ideal account for every family man, this one offers a comprehensive banking solution to a family of minimum 2 and maximum 5 members. It has superior facilities across all the accounts of the family members held with the bank. Those listed under it are entitled to enjoy more privileges and a lot of enhanced banking benefits through this Family Savings account. The required minimum balance can either be maintained in the account of one person or spread across a combination of family accounts. 

Shubh-Labh Savings Account

Opening a new bank account can be an auspicious occasion for many customers. DCB Bank strives to make this occasion special, memorable, and profitable for their customers by rewarding them with points for each transaction made using this account. 

DCB Savings Account Minimum Balance Requirements

The minimum balance that is required for each type of DCB savings accounts largely depends on factors such as the type of the savings account, the tenure of deposit, etc. Thus, it differs from one type of savings account to another. Refer to the table below to know the minimum balance for each type of savings account. 

Type of Savings Account

Minimum Balance

DCB Privilege Savings Account

Rs. 5 lakhs (in a combination across accounts)

DCB Elite Account

Rs. 50,000 (average quarterly balance)

DCB Cash Back Savings Account

DCB Classic Savings Account

Rs. 10,000 (average quarterly balance)

Rs. 10,000 (average monthly balance)


Not required

DCB Family Savings Account

Rs. 1 lakh (combined average quarterly balance)


  1. What happens if the chosen DCB Elite Savings Account number has already been allotted to another customer?

    Ans: Account numbers are unique. If the preferred account number is already allotted, one must either choose a different number or try opening the account in another branch of DCB with the same number where it is available.

  2. What is TRV?

    Ans: TRV stands for Total Relationship Value that is held in rupees by a customer in DCB Bank. 

  3. Are all kinds of purchases made through the DCB CashBack Savings Account card included in the cashback calculation?

    Ans: Yes, all the purchases at merchant outlets charged to the concerned card are considered during cashback calculation. 

  4. Is there a minimum amount to be spent every month to avail the cash back facility on DCB CashBack Savings Account?

    Ans: Yes, one must spend at least Rs. 800, through the DCB Platinum Debit card, to avail the cash back facility. 

  5. Who is entitled to be a joint applicant for a DCB Classic Savings Bank Account?

    Ans: It could be anyone, as long as he/she is above 18 years of age.