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How To Link Aadhar Card With Canara Bank

How to link Aadhar Card to Canara Bank Account

Aadhaar is 12 digit number given by the authorities of India with the help of identification Authority of India for the reason of identity. The concept behind that is to capture the demographic as well as biometric identification of citizens and store the identical in a centralized database. This card is also essential in case people wish to avail the advantages of the numerous subsidies being rolled out by means of the authorities.

Established in Bengaluru, Canara bank was established in the year 1906. This bank is one of the oldest within India and also gives a number of products in the consumer banking and business banking sectors amongst others.

Offline, with the aid of walking into the branch
                    Online, thru the bank website
                    Through SMS
                    Through ATMs affiliated to the bank

There are 3 methods through which this can link your aadhaar with Canara bank account. These options are -

  1. Offline, with the aid of walking into the branch
  2. Online, thru the bank website
  3. Through SMS
  4. Through ATMs affiliated to the bank

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Offline approach:

In case a person who wants to link their Aadhaar card to their bank account thru their offline technique, they need to follow the steps given under-

  1. Individuals will must go to the nearest branch of Canara bank along with the important documents
  2. They need to fill in an application form to link their Aadhaar card to their financial bank account
  3. As soon as the form has been completed in and furnished to the bank along with other documents, it'll be validated manually
  4. As soon as seeding has been finished, customer will get a notification on their e-mail or on their phones via SMS

Online approach:

In case candidates wish to link their Aadhaar card to their bank account through a web method, they'll must follow the given below-

  1. Customer needs to visit official webpage of Canara financial institution
  2. Applicants can check if their Aadhaar has been seeded, in case it hasn't been completed, they will have to provide their Aadhaar variety and click on submit.
  3. Verification might be carried out manually and customer will receive a notification as soon as this has been completed and the number has been seeded to their account.

As of now, customers can't link Aadhaar card their card to their account at Canara banks thru SMS or ATM.

Documents Required:

Following documents are necessary at the time of linking their Aadhaar card to their bank account

  1. Original and photocopy in their Aadhaar card
  2. Original and photocopy of their Passbook

It’s important for people to link their Aadhaar account to their Canara bank account as this may ensure that they get hold of advantages of all government schemes at once to their account